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Lapid Says He Won’t Help Fund Settlements

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Jerusalem — Israel’s finance minister, Yair Lapid, said he would not agree to invest funds in West Bank settlements.

Slamming The Door To Peace

In a pair of dueling speeches at the United Nations, Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the door shut on future peace talks between two leaders who neither trust nor like each other. 

Reading The Tealeaves At The UN

Abbas attacks Israel, but Netanyahu’s mind elsewhere.

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In the end, there was much to talk about at the U.N. General Assembly but few genuine surprises.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking this week at the UN General Assembly. Getty Images

Obama Signs Iron Dome Extra Funds Bill

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Washington — President Obama signed into law a bill allocating $225 million in additional funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

Obama Nominates Saperstein As Religious Freedom Ambassador

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President Obama announced today that he will nominate Rabbi David Saperstein, longtime director and counsel of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in Washington, as the State Department’s Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom.

Obama Calls For Worldwide Fight Against Anti-Semitism

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Recalling the horrors of the Holocaust, President Barack Obama urged nations to fight growing anti-Semitism and threats against Israel.

Speaking Wednesday night to 1,200 supporters of the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation, Obama called for “confronting a rising tide of anti-Semitism around the world.

“We see attacks on Jews in the streets of major Western cities, public places marred by swastikas,” he continued. “From some foreign governments we hear the worst kind of anti-Semitic scapegoating.”

At Jewish Republicans Forum, Cheney Hits Party’s Isolationists


WASHINGTON  — Dick Cheney told Republican Jews that he was concerned about isolationism in the party.

Pollard Undergoes Surgery, Condition Called ‘Not Good’

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Jonathan Pollard, the American spy for Israel serving a life sentence in federal prison, was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery.

Obama Notes 'Thanksgivukah' In Holiday Greeting

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In his annual statement for Chanukah, President Obama pointed out how rare it is to have the holiday and Thanksgiving fall together.

President Obama And The Anxiety Of Ambivalence

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Which is worse for Israel’s security and for the volatile Middle East: a tyrannical Syrian regime in an unsteady alliance with a nuclear Iran, or an anarchic Syria, run by “the rebels,” becoming a petri dish for al-Qaeda, situated along 375 miles of borderland with Iraq?

Yehuda Kurtzer
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