Presbyterian Church (USA)

Misguided Presbyterian Vote

06/24/2014 - 20:00

By a 310-303 vote last week, a prominent American Protestant denomination made history. The Presbyterian Church, with about 1.8 million members, became the first major Christian group in this country to approve a resolution in favor of economic divestment from American businesses that make equipment that helps foster Israel’s occupation in the West Bank.

Deep Concern Over Presbyterian Divestment Vote

Ripple effect among other mainline Protestant denominations not seen as leaders survey damage.

06/24/2014 - 20:00
Staff Writer

Jewish interfaith leaders and those who fight the global effort to delegitimize Israel were scrambling this week to assess just how much damage was done when the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted Friday to divest from three American companies doing business in the Jewish state.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs,urges Presbyterians to reject divestment resolution last week in Detroit. Courtesy of URJ

The Presbyterians, Israel and the value of community relations

In a world where Israel has fewer and fewer friends, Jewish groups here increasingly face a choice: do they treat Israel's critics as implacable adversaries? Or do they look for ways to work with some critics and perhaps change their mind on some issues?

Increasingly, muscular pro-Israel groups take the first approach; the second, which defines  the whole Jewish community relations movement, is in disfavor in many Jewish circles.

Presbyterians Approve Softer Middle East Report, Reject Divestment

07/08/2010 - 20:00

The Presbyterian Church (USA) severely modified a report by its Middle East Study Committee widely seen as anti-Israel, rejected calls for divestment from Israel and gave a conditional okay to Israel's Gaza blockade.

But the report approved by a 558-119 vote at the Church's General Assembly in Minneapolis also called for linking U.S. aid to Israel to an end of settlement expansion.

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