Portrait of Jewish Americans

Jews Serious When It Comes To Humor

Being funny outranks being frum, according to new study.

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Buried in the Pew Research Center’s serious findings about Jewish belief and Jewish practice in the United States is one not-so-serious fact — about Jewish humor.

Are Young Jews Actually More Connected Than Believed?

A misreading of the study’s findings has implications for Jewish community.

Special To The Jewish Week

After a long wait, the American Jewish community once again has a rich, large national demographic study of American Jewish life to learn from and argue about — the recently released “Portrait of Jewish Americans” published by the Pew Research Center. Based on interviews with 3,475 respondents, the study divides its respondents throughout into “Jews by religion” (78 percent) and “Jews of no religion,” (22 percent), and presents data on the ways these two groups of American Jews are — and are not — connected to things Jewish, as well as their attitudes towards Israel, American leaders and a few political issues.

Sylvia Barack Fishman
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