Ponzi scheme

Madoff, Five Years Later

No regrets about betraying Jewish clients, despite ‘affinity’ nature of crime.

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Sholem Aleichem, who lost his money in the Odessa stock market, used to say that when you’re rich, people think you’re not only clever but handsome, with a voice like a nightingale.

Madoff: Critics blast his comments in Politico interview. Getty Images

Madoff Says His Scheme Was Not Betrayal Of The Jews


Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff said in a prison interview that he does not feel he “betrayed the Jews.”

Feds Arrest Lakewood Man Accused Of Bilking Orthodox Investors


A Lakewood, N.J., man accused in lawsuits of bilking Orthodox investors in New York, Florida London and elsewhere out of nearly $300 million through phony real estate deals was arrested Thursday morning by federal agents.

Eliyahu Weinstein, who was accused of running a Ponzi scheme, and some of his associates had been hit days earlier with a $34 million civil judgment by a federal judge in Pennsylvania.

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