Serving Up ‘Conflict,’ With Palestinian Fare

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Jon Rubin, a Jewish restaurateur from Pittsburgh, has a special taste for conflict.

His four-year-old eatery, Conflict Kitchen, has a rotating menu featuring foods from countries currently or previously in conflict with the United States. In the past, he’s featured delicacies from Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela. The menu at his food stand these days: Palestinian takeout.

Jewish owner John Rubin founded Conflict Kitchen, where politics spices up the menu.  Courtesy of Conflict Kitchen

Sophie Masloff, Pittsburgh’s First Jewish Mayor, Dies At 96

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Sophie Masloff, the first Jewish mayor of Pittsburgh as well as the first female to lead the city, has died.

Oy Va Voy, I Lost My Mezuzah!

 When I first started this blog back in March, my father, an avid blog consumer (though not of this one — his taste runs more to the neo-con political ones), e-mailed me that, “The first rule of blogging, you should know, is POSTING SOMETHING EVERY DAY.”

Sorry, Dad, I’ve come nowhere near complying with this rule, especially in the last few weeks. Hopefully this won’t be as great a disappointment as my rejection 21 years ago from Yale or my failure to pursue a  more stable and lucrative career.

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