Haredi Newspaper Edits Female Leaders Out of Charlie Hebdo March

Now you see them, now you don't.

01/12/2015 - 19:00
Staff Writer

Of the 44 world leaders who marched in Paris on Sunday to express solidarity with France, none of them were women — or, at least, that's what the haredi Israeli newspaper HaMevaser would have you believe. 

Haredi newspaper edits female world leaders out of Paris rally photo. Via

Honoring Tel Aviv: Editing Photos in the Name of Art

Yesterday's news was focused on photo editing. A national conversation on the ethics of doctoring photos was kicked off when a Brooklyn-based Hasidic Yiddish language newspaper used Photoshop to airbrush out two prominent women -- Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason -- from an iconic photo released by the White House. More than a rant on the extremes to which the ultra-Orthodox will go to keep photos of women from the pages of their newspapers, what I find most interesting is the question of when it is appropriate to alter a photograph.

Ron Shoshani's photo art captures Israel in a beautiful light

More on the Case of the Missing Hillary

Reading the comments and emails on Rabbi Jason Miller's Jewish Week  blog about the Yiddish-language newspaper that Photoshopped out Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and White House terrorism official Audrey Tomason from an official photo, I've been struck with how many readers, choking on outrage, seemed to blame the Jewish Week.

How could we do it, many fumed?  We should be ashamed.

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