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What Might An Israeli Pew Study Have Concluded?

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In his article in the current issue of Commentary Magazine, Daniel Gordis of the Shalem College in Jerusalem continues a theme he developed in the winter issue of the Jewish Review of Books in which he seeks to unravel what went wrong with the Conservative Movement, which has seen its place on the American scene reach its current nadir. Coming from a position where almost 50 percent of American Jews were affiliated with the Conservative movement in the 1950s, based on the data provided by last year’s Pew Study, it has now plummeted to 18 percent, and dropping fast.

A Crisis Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

"Punk Torah, farming and online apps are effective for some but lack a guiding vision of educational aims."

Continuity: Why Should We Care?

Pew revealed a community in crisis -- let's not waste it.

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There is an important debate taking place now about how to respond to the dramatic increase in intermarriage in the American Jewish community. Should it be seen as a fact of life to be accepted, even embraced, or a disturbing trend to be countered?

Gary Rosenblatt

Synagogue Members Give The Most Charity

New study suggests benefits in widening the pool for charitable donations.

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American Jews who are members of synagogues are more likely to give to both Jewish and non-Jewish charitable causes than non-synagogue members, but those who identify with a denomination of Judaism while not belonging to a congregation are also generous givers. And Orthodox Jews are as likely as non-Orthodox ones to give to non-Jewish causes.

Jumpstart’s Shawn Landres: Report emphasizes “the extent to which [charitable] giving is empowered by Jewish engagement.”

Inclusion: The Last Word On Pew Study

I’m torn, really.  On the one hand, I really do not want to jump on the Pew Study response bandwagon. If I even the mention the study at this point I run the risk of losing a dozen readers right away. Please, stay with me. 

Lisa Friedman

A Rabbi Sees Silver Lining In Study’s Findings

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So, young Jews don’t want to affiliate? Wonderful!

Such a statement in response to the recent Pew Research Center survey, coming from a rabbi no less, surely sounds absurd. But give me a chance; hear me out.

Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan

Being Religious Is Only One Way To Identify As A Jew

A response to the Pew 2013 Survey of U.S. Jews

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A few weeks ago, my husband passed me the New York Times and said, "You should definitely read this article on page 11." I saw the headline, "Poll Shows Major Shift in Identity of U.S. Jews," and my heart sank. I knew which direction it was going. Down. That was my first reaction, before I read everyone’s responses to the study; the reactions fell into the “mea culpa” camp.

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