people-first language

The Associated Press Chooses Words That Don't Hurt

The headline from the Associated Press read “Entry on mental illness is added to AP Stylebook.” Cheers went up in certain circles when this came out.

Steve Eidelman

The Four Sons And 'People-First' Language

Two of my children attend our local Jewish day school, and we carpool with a family who also has two kids at the school. Spending about an hour in the car together each day, we have become a tight-knit group and the kids (two first graders, a second grader and a third grader) have coined the phrase “carpool family” when referring to one another. As such, it has become a safe place to get ready for the school day, ask questions, discuss a wide variety of topics, get silly and unwind. My co-“carpool mom” and I share similar values and expectations, which is to say we place a high value on safety in the car, respect for differences among people and the tone of the language we use in carpool and at home.

Meredith Englander Polsky
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