Passover seder

How Was This Seder Different From Other Seders? Hillary Clinton Joined

04/11/2016 - 10:59

How was Helene and Bob Fine’s family seder in 2000 different from every other Passover night?

Hillary Clinton greeting supporters at a caucus day event as her husband, former President Bill Clinton, looks on. JTA

This Year’s Models: More Creativity, Less Commentary

The new crop of Haggadahs tend to the artsy and quirky, not the scholarly.

03/23/2015 - 20:00
Staff Writer

A trend in Haggadah publishing is deepening: Out, for the most part, are the commentary-centered Haggadahs that dominated the field for several decades, featuring interpretations of the holiday’s readings and rituals. In, to a growing degree, are individualistic, often artistic versions of the Haggadah.

Haggadahs for baseball lovers, and for Canadians, are among the new offerings for this year’s seders.

Memory Marches On

An interracial group, including men and women from around the country, began gathering at a community college in Selma, Alabama, early on Sunday morning last week.

Civil rights marches -- and their subsequent re-enactments -- follow in old footsteps/Shalom Center
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