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Cease-Fire Hinges On Strength Of Abbas

Analysts skeptical of PA leader’s ability to monitor Rafa crossing.

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In agreeing to yet another cease-fire with Hamas on Tuesday, Israel may get the peace and quiet its citizens have longed for during 50 days of fighting, but the long-term outlook — and the future of the Palestinian Authority — is still very much in doubt.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Getty Images

How Did They Find Out? Israel Turns Pot To Heroin

We always knew those Israelis are clever folks, but they may have outdone themselves on this one.

Israeli scientists may not have found Merlin's formula for turning lead into gold but they may have figured out how to do what all other scientists say is also impossible: turn marijuana into heroin.

That startling news comes from one of our favorite reliable sources, the Palestinian Authority.

Negotiations Progress As Cease-Fire Holds

Sides exchange fire, but extend the truce; Palestinian negotiator reports agreement on 'many points.'

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Indirect negotiations between Israel and Hamas are moving forward as both sides adhere to a renewed cease-fire.

Head of the Palestinian delegation Azzam al-Ahmed and other negotiators gather in Cairo. Getty Images

Hamas Denies PA 24-Hour Cease-Fire

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Jerusalem — The Palestinian Authority announced that it has brokered a 24-hour humanitarian cease-fire with all Palestinian factions, with the possibility of extending it an additional 48 hours.

How Hamas Measures Success

Hamas reminds me of that old commercial for Timex watches when the announce would intone, "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking."

Gaza Conflict Sidelines Abbas

But U.S. still betting on Palestinian leader.

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Washington — Mahmoud Abbas has been sitting on the sidelines of the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, with little influence over its outcome.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abba. Getty Images

False Equivalency

The New York Times’ parallels of Israeli and Arab behavior are forced, and inaccurate.

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I’ve long been a defender of The New York Times’ Mideast coverage, arguing that for all of its flaws on occasion, there is no consistent, inherent bias against Israel.

The New York Times building. Wikimedia Commons

More Than A Kidnapping

When is a kidnapping more than a kidnapping?  When politicians and others exploit a tragedy to further their agendas. It can also be an opportunity to repair damaged relations between Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

All of Israel wants to see the three teenagers-- --Gilad Shaer, Eyal Yifrah and Naftali Fraenkel --  kidnapped near Hebron two weeks ago returned safely to their families, and the government and security forces are devoting enormous energy to that task.

Is Fatah-Hamas Marriage On The Rocks?

It appears the marriage between the two leading Palestinian factions may be on the rocks even before it had a chance to be consummated.

Behind the break-up is the Palestinian Authority’s condemnation of the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, believed to be the work of Hamas, and the cooperation of PA and Israeli security forces in the search for the boys.

Palestinians avoid U.S. Aid Cutoff, For Now

New Palestinian Cabinet ministers are not connected to Hamas, but that could change in next election.

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Washington — Is the new Palestinian government kosher under U.S. law?

A range of American Middle East policy analysts and current and former U.S. officials say that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas threaded the needle last week and created a government of technocrats untainted by Hamas and not subject to its influence, although Hamas has declared its backing of the government.

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