The Art Of Conversation

Hanan Harchol’s paintings and animations hinge on thought-provoking verbal exchanges.
09/30/2013 - 20:00
Jewish Week Book Critic

In Hanan Harchol’s art, there’s no disconnect between visual imagery and Jewish thought. His new exhibition of paintings and animation is alive with conversation — about values, teachings, choices, holiness and life’s adventures.
The conversations take place in cars, park benches and on the subway; even the small talk leads to large ideas, whether love or forgiveness or gratitude. In Israeli-accented English and with perfect timing, his father, the nuclear physicist Micha Harchol (in Hanan’s voice) advises his son not to chase another person’s dream (“Looking in Other People’s Windows” or Envy) and not to let someone live in your head rent-free, that is, not to let someone’s past actions take up valuable room (“Landlord” or Forgiveness).

The Hanan Harchol Exhibit at HUC's museum.
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