Out of Israel Dance Festival

Israeli Dance, From Afar

Choreographer Dana Katz crafting a career a long way from her homeland.

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“‘Israeli Dance?’ What does that even mean?” wonders Israeli choreographer and dancer Dana Katz. “I’ve been hearing more and more people use that term, but I’m still not sure what it entails.”

Dana Katz leads her Danaka-Dance troupe.

Israeli Dance Takes Center Stage

Out of Israel festival features choreographers, master classes and a dance party.

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Choreographer Dana Katz turns the idea of dance theater-in-the-round inside out, when she premieres her new work, “Thousand Plateaus” at the 92nd Street Y, as part of the weeklong Out of Israel Dance Festival. Audience members will be seated in the middle of Buttenweiser Hall, while the four dancers of the group Danaka Dance will dance around the perimeter of the room.

Israeli choreographer Dana Katz, will premiere her work “Thousand Plateaus” at Out of Israel Dance Festival. Daniel Kam
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