Orchestra of Exiles

From Orchestra Of Exiles To Symphony Of Sabras

Israel Philharmonic’s whirlwind U.S. tour comes as new film released about its history.


Few can chronicle the changes in the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra better than Gabriel Vole, a veteran double bass player.

Vole represents the third generation of his family to perform with the orchestra. His maternal grandfather, the Polish-born violinist Jacob Surowicz, was a co-founder and was followed by Gabriel’s father, Leopold, whose son inherited his love for the double bass. In addition, Gabriel’s mother, Sarah, and uncle Maurice filled in occasionally.

Zubin Mehta will lead the Israel Philharmonic on a five-day U.S. tour beginning this week at Carnegie Hall. Shai Skiff

Are You My Mother?

With the birth of an orchestra, a baby mix-up and a surreal hiking trip, three films explore the Jewish condition.

Special to the Jewish Week

This weekend sees the theatrical opening of a rather oddly assorted trio of Jewish films: a thoughtful if rather conventional historical documentary, a melodrama that takes on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as literal family feud and a beautifully wrought mood piece that mixes lush visuals with starkly private emotional states to considerable effect.

Scene from Julia Loktev’s “The Loneliest Planet.”
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