Open Rehearsal

‘Marx Brothers Meet Ionesco’

01/23/2012 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Given the vicissitudes of Jewish history, it is no wonder that Jews developed a bleakly comic vision, a sense of life as teetering awkwardly on the edge of an abyss. Such a philosophy is amply on display in Lazarre Seymour Simckes’ absurdist new play, “Open Rehearsal,” in which a troupe of actors who are members of the same family rehearse a bizarre drama that enfolds with the fractured logic of a variety show. As the play-within-a-play keeps turning itself inside out, the characters finally find security only by clinging to one another.

The cast of Lazar Seymour Simckes’ absurdist play “Open Rehearsal.” Jonathan Slaff
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