Once Removed

A Filmmaker Grapples With Family And Memory

In ‘First Cousin, Once Removed,’ Alan Berliner documents his personal mentor’s slow slide into Alzheimer’s.
09/16/2013 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

For someone as detail-obsessed, as meticulous as Alan Berliner, this has been a frustrating few weeks. He ushers a guest into his Tribeca loft, apologizing for what seems to him a state of chaos. One side of the immense space is devoted to a nearly floor-to-ceiling collection of boxes, crates, film canisters and what-have-you. The boiler in his building is being replaced and everything he had in storage in the basement is apparently now piled on his floor. As befits a self-confessed perfectionist, Berliner’s stacks of belongings are neater than most people’s ordinary living space. (My office should only look this “messy.”)

The poet Edward Honig in “First Cousin, Once Removed.’ Photo courtesy HBO
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