The Observant Life

A Guide To Living A Serious Jewish Life

Major new book by Conservative rabbis offers thoughtful essays on wide range of knotty issues.

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At a time when denominational walls seem to be growing ever higher, the new religious guidebook from the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly is meant for all “contemporary Jews,” not necessarily just Conservative ones.

The Conservative Movement's new guidebook is as vast and ambitious as a Russian novel, and as long.

Conservatives Walking Intermarriage Tightrope

In two new books and a poll, the middle movement struggles to find balance on thorny issue.

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It’s long been a truism that, of the major streams of American Judaism, the Conservative movement is the one with the largest gap between bima and pew.

Where Conservative rabbis often resemble Modern Orthodox ones in their personal ritual observance — Shabbat, kashrut and so on — the movement’s rank and file tend to behave more like their peers at Reform congregations.

Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs Rabbi Charles Simon.
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