NYPD's Iran Warning, Again

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Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly's comments at an anti-terrorism conference about the possibility of an Iran-backed incident targeting the city's Jews got some media play today.

But it's nothing terribly new.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

Retired Jewish Cops Back PBA President, Criticize Mayor

Two officers and an NYPD volunteer weigh in on tensions in the city.

Jewish Week Correspondent

Wilton Sekzer, a retired sergeant in the New York Police Department, joined 25,000 other current and former cops last Saturday as they mourned Rafael Ramos, one of two patrolmen gunned down while sitting in their patrol car Dec. 20 in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Tensions in the city between the police and City Hall are running high. Getty Images

Retired Jewish Officers Back PBA President, Criticize Mayor

Two former NYPD cops and a volunteer weigh in on current tensions in city.

Jewish Week Correspondent

Wilton Sekzer, a retired sergeant in the New York Police Department, joined 25,000 other current and former cops last Saturday as they mourned Rafael Ramos, one of two patrolmen gunned down Dec. 20 in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Amid Vigils For Police, Calls For Healing

Jewish leaders urging civility as rhetoric in city escalates; ‘all lives matter.’

Jewish Week Correspondent

As New Yorkers mourned two fallen police officers ambushed Saturday as they sat in their patrol car in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and as tensions escalated between police unions and city officials, a 12-year veteran of the police force and four local teens sat around a table in another section of Brooklyn Monday night and drew pictures.

Members of several Jewish institutions in Riverdale and Kingsbridge gather at a police precinct in the Bronx Monday.

Anti-Semitic Crimes Up As Jews Flock To Synagogues

Gaza war seen fueling increase in attacks in area.

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Following a spike in anti-Semitic crimes over the summer — including the attack of a visibly-Jewish couple on the Upper East Side last month — New York City-area Jews began celebrating the High Holidays this week in a charged atmosphere and with stepped-up security measures at synagogues and other Jewish institutions.

NYPD officers stand guard in front of Riverdale Temple in days after a 2009 bomb plot was foiled. Getty Images

Hey, Jewish Orgs: #ResistFads

The Jewish community needs to consider the possibility that social media is a bad investment.

Special To The Jewish Week

Last week, in the run-up to Yom HaShoah the Israel Defense Forces' Interactive Media Branch called on their followers to "contribute to Holocaust remembrance" by posting "a photo of yourself together with a Holocaust survivor on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #WeAreHere."

Russel Neiss

African-American Student Says Chasidic Men Attacked Him

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Officials of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York this week said they are withholding judgment on the outcome of a police investigation into a severe beating, allegedly committed by members of Williamsburg’s chasidic community, against a young black man earlier this month.

JCRC Offers $5G Reward For Tips On Knockout Attacks

Security patrols, alerts in Jewish areas after latest attack.

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Volunteer security patrols are increasing in Orthodox neighborhoods following a new spate of so-called knockout attacks in Brooklyn. And the Jewish Community Relations Council is preparing to offer up to $5,000 for information on perpetrators of the “game” that has whole communities on edge but seems to target mostly Jewish victims here.

A security camera captured an incident in which a Jewish man said he was assulted. Photo via CrownHeights.info

Weiner Gets An Earful On Terrorism

A victim takes on candidate's assumption at young Jewish leaders' forum.

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After telling a crowd of young Jewish leaders that they are statistically unlikely to ever be victims of a terror attack, and that the government uses terrorism "to scare people," former congressman Anthony Weiner was in for a surprise Wednesday night.

Sarri Singer, founder of the victims' support group Strength To Strength, begged to differ.

Sarri Singer, a terrorism survivor, speaks with Anthony Weiner following JCRC meeting. Jeff Stier

Religious Discrimination Or Splitting Hairs?

Fired chasidic cop and NYPD entangled in dispute over beard-trimming requirement.

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The New York City Police Department bars officers from sporting beards except to accommodate medical or religious requests — and even then the beard can be no longer than one millimeter in length.

Fired probationary officer Fishel Litzman.
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