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Hiroshima Survivors Protest In Jerusalem Against Nukes

09/10/2012 - 20:00


(JTA) – Survivors of the Hiroshima atomic bomb in Japan protested in Jerusalem against nuclear weapons.

The survivors visited holy sites, including the Western Wall, on Monday, calling for the end of nuclear weapons, The Associated Press reported. They held signs in Japanese that read "Nuclear Abolition."

“Any use of the atom [bomb] should be forbidden, even for intimidation," AP quoted Hiroshima survivor Nagayama Iwao, 69, as saying.

Der Spiegel: Dolphin Armed With Nukes

The German weekly Der Spiegel reports in its current issue that a months-long investigation has confirmed that the Dolphin submarines built by Germany for the Israeli Navy are capable of launching nuclear-tipped cruise missiles.

That possibility has long been assumed – and reported in this space – and there is still no official confirmation from either government. However, Der Spiegel, in Sunday’s article titled, "Secret Operation: Samson," claims experts in "Germany and in Jerusalem now confirm: They are armed with nuclear warheads."

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