Noam Chomsky

Chomsky To Address Palestinians Via Remote

05/20/2010 - 20:00

 The American linguistic scholar Noam Chomsky, who was barred from entering Israel Sunday to give a lecture at Birzeit University in the West Bank, planned to give the lecture instead by videoconference from Amman. Al Jazeera planned to televise it live.

Wisdom and foolishness as Israel bars Noam Chomsky

The best line on the Noam Chomsky affair?  It comes from Atlantic blogger Jeff Goldberg, who came up with this gem:  "Real democracies aren't afraid of ridiculous men like Noam Chomsky." 

Fighting for Israel and Remembering the Holocaust

A controversial vote at the University of California, Berkeley, and Holocaust commemorations around the country are keeping Jewish students active in the days between Holocaust Memorial Day and Israel Independence Day.
04/15/2010 - 20:00
Special to the Jewish Week

Berkeley Student Senate Uphold Veto of Divestment Measure

After nearly eight hours of debate that ended at 7:30 this morning, the Associated Students of the University of California, Berkeley (ASUC) Senate upheld a veto by President Will Smelko of a bill passed in support of divestment from companies with ties to Israel’s military.

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