Niall MacGiollabhui

Chasidic 'Whistleblower' Case Suffers Setback

Assistant district attorney in Hynes’ office tells Sam Kellner's lawyers he and partner are off the case.

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Prosecutors in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office were set to dismiss the case against chasidic abuse whistleblower Sam Kellner this week for lack of evidence, but were overruled by their supervisor and then reassigned, The Jewish Week has learned.

Last Wednesday, one day after Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes suffered a crushing defeat by Ken Thompson in his bid for re-election, Assistant District Attorney Joe Alexis informed Kellner’s lawyers, Michael Dowd and Niall MacGiollabhui, by phone that the case against their client would be dismissed at the next scheduled court date, Nov. 12.

Sam Kellner, left, with lawyers Michael Dowd, seated, and Nial McGiollabui. Hella WInston

Whistleblower's Lawyers Blast Hynes

On eve of primary, Kellner's attorneys say Brooklyn DA is engaging in ‘blatant strategy of delay.’

Jewish Week Correspondent
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Lawyers for chasidic whistleblower Sam Kellner have accused the Brooklyn district attorney of engaging in a “blatant strategy of delay” to avoid exposing the “utter shamefulness” of their client’s prosecution ... to the electorate” in advance of this Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

The charges were leveled at Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, who is running for election to a seventh term, in a letter from Kellner’s attorneys to Brooklyn Supreme Court judge Ann M. Donnelly after they learned that prosecutors had, without notifying them, obtained from the judge an additional two weeks to respond to a defense motion to dismiss charges against their client “in the interests of justice.” The response had been due on Sept. 3, before the Sept. 10 primary, and must now be filed by Sept. 17.

Charles "Joe" Hynes, Brookyn's district attorney, is running for a seventh term. Wikimedia Commons
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