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Maharat Hired At DC Shul, With Help From JOFA Leader
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One of the first three graduates of Yeshiva Maharat will serve in a clergy position at an Orthodox congregation in Washington, D.C., thanks to a grant from a board member of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance.

Ruth Balinsky Friedman, who will earn the title maharat at the yeshiva’s graduation on June 16th, will join the staff of Congregation Ohev Shalom – The National Synagogue, working with Rabbi Shmuel Hertzfeld.

Maharat is an acronym for Manhiga Hilkhatit Rukhanit Toranit, one who is teacher of Jewish law and spirituality. Friedman’s position will be partially underwritten by Zelda R. Stern, a JOFA leader and philanthropist. In a statement, JOFA said the grant would allow Friedman to serve “as a full member of the clergy,” beginning in August.

“She’ll be teaching and guiding and working with people of all ages, helping our congregation become closer to Hashem,” Rabbi Hertzfeld told The Jewish Week. “Everything will be in accordance with interpretation of Halacha.”

Last week, the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of America released a statement welcoming greater halachic study and participation in religious life by women but declaring that women as clergy is “a violation of our mesorah,” or tradition.

In response, Rabbi Hertzfeld said “They never called me to ask what she is doing. If they did, I would say everything is in accordance with mesorah.”

He said Friedman as maharat could have a role at events such as weddings or funerals, as permitted by halacha, but could not lead prayer services. “We are not egalitarian,” he said.

Friedman, who currently lives in Washington Heights, said in a phone interview she is “excited about joining the community. Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive of us.”

Asked if she views herself as a trailblazer, Friedman said “I see myself as someone who is doing what she loves, teaching Jewish texts, which is where I found my path in life.”

Another Maharat graduate, Rachel Kohl Finegold has accepted a position at congregation Shar Hashomayim in Montreal. Another Maharat student, Rori Picker Neiss, who will graduate next year, has accepted a position at Bais Abraham in St. Louis.

The third graduate in this year's class is Abby Brown Scheier.

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05/20/2014 - 14:18
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Jewish women teach in Orthodox schools without the “maharat” thing all over the world. In fact the maharat “thing” is a great stumbling block for all Jewish people. The Torah says “do not put a stumbling block before the blind”. These women consider themselves rabbis , but women in Judaism are NOT Rabbis. These women have no authority, what they teach is all incorrect, because their teachers and supporters are OUTSIDE the Torah and Halacha (Jewish Law). At least one of their supporters considers toeva (homosexuality) to be allowed!

These people are pathetic modern day charlatans trying to convince innocent, unlearned Jewish people that what the Holy Torah says is rejected, G-d forbid! What a dreadful shame! Avoid them! If you know anyone who is connected with them in any way, try to convince them to make a getaway, to not ruin their lives. The proof of this is right here on these pages in this statement by the journalist :
““She’ll be teaching and guiding and working with people of all ages, helping our congregation become closer to Hashem,” Rabbi Hertzfeld told The Jewish Week. “Everything will be in accordance with interpretation of Halacha.””
The rabbi who was just mentioned believes toeva (homosexuality) is O.K.!!! But the Torah says NO. By the way, don’t call him a rabbi either. Is that the way to “get closer to Hashem”? Through toeva, homosexuality? Of course not. Do not believe anything he says.

The “women rabbi-maharat” “thing” is a attempt at arrogance even if they give a pretty smile for a photograph. Pirke Avos Chapter 1 “Moses received the Torah from Sinai and gave it over to Joshua. Joshua gave it over to the Elders, the Elders to the Prophets, and the Prophets gave it over to the Men of the Great Assembly. They [the Men of the Great Assembly] would always say these three things: Be cautious in judgment. Establish many pupils. And make a safety fence around the Torah.”

The Torah was transmitted from Sinai to Moshe Rabbenu to the members of the great assembly etc to the true authentic Orthodox Rabbis of this time of the present by "smicha" and NOT to their wives and daughters by the method of “smicha” –it is not possible. Women don’t need smicha for women are on a greater spiritual plane then men, generally speaking- but not these “maharat women”- they are on a lower spiritual plane than men, and perform their child-like activism in the public arena- they have no shame and no modesty. “Maharat” is attention seeking and immodest. Subversive, ( pushing ideas against Torah) it is absolutely against Torah, evidenced by a multitude of hangers-on who defy the teachings of Torah whenever it suits them. Just like “the toeva-permitting rabbi” mentioned above.

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