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In his first public comments on Republican gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said New Yorkers should “consider moving out of the state if he becomes governor.”

Since winning the GOP nod, Paladino has come under fire for comments he made nearly a year ago supporting Erie County Supervisor Chris Collins for calling Silver an “anti-Christ.”

Collins later apologized but Paladino told a town hall meeting in upstate Wheatfield “if anyone fits the bill of an anti-Christ or a Hitler it would be this guy,” according to the Nigara Gazette. He also said Silver “is probably the most corrupt and incompetent human being ever to serve in state government in the state of New York.”

Paladino in a meeting with conservative Orthodox Jews on Tuesday insisted the comments didn’t make him anti-Semitic. “I don’t have an anti-Semitic bone in my body,” he told the gathering.

In an interview with The Jewish Week late Tuesday, Silver declined to say whether he thought the Buffalo real estate developer and Tea Party loyalist was anti-Semitic, but said “He’s not running against me. People should look at who is asking for their vote and what their track record is.

But when asked if he could work with Paladino next year if he is elected, Silver said voters should “consider moving out of the state” in that case, but he was confident it wouldn’t come to that.

“Andrew Cuomo is an excellent candidate,” he said.

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I agree with Carl Paladino, Sheldon Silver is a despicable human being who should be in prison. Because of Shelly, a vast majority of New Yorkers have already left.
I must say we had enough I had enough corruption and incompetence by the democrap in the state . Every time a Cumo is involved in anything there are higher taxes more scandals and to much corruption Look at Andrews record in public housing, a national disgrace Sheldon is bought and paid for by the unions with a 20 year pension and the give me mentality of leaches of society I spoke to Jeffery Dinowitz and Elliot Engel at many Jewish veterans functions and the old adage is "If you cannot say something nice about someone then don't say anything Mr. Dinowitz had nothing nice to say about Sheldon and being a businessman in NYC I can say enough of the "change" as we still have politics as usual and every time these bums gets reelected they blame the old administration which of course was them to begin with. These people became way to comfortable in their position and forget they are supposed to work for us not visa Vera Time to put term limits into effect and unlike Bloomberg who is above the law we should have real term limits and NO WAY allowing these people to retire after one or two terms Time to remove the goyishacup yids from office Sheldon cannot be thrown out of NY faster enough INHO
"Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said New Yorkers should “consider moving out of the state if he becomes governor.” Has Mr Silver noticed that everyone HAS been moving out of NY State for the past several years ? Everyone knows somebody that's already moved to greener pastures in either North or South Carolina. I personally know of two familes that escaped NY to move to PA, and another 4 families that escaped to North Carolina . Their property taxes are less than half, while their homes are much larger. I'm a registered Democrat, and I'm going to vote for Mr Paladino, maybe NY State can be repaired ... It surely can't last if it continues the way it's been going ala Mr Silver and his way of running OUR Government. Dan Nassau County, NY
Right on Dan time to remove the garbage that Shelon allowed to grow, and grow and grow under his years of incompetence. Even J. Dinowitz had nothing good to say about Sheldon.. I just hope the feds do a real check into his dealings with the unions
Actually, Shelly may want to consider moving to a country without an extradition treaty if Carl gets elected.
I have to say that if Paladino gets elected then I would take it that Mr. Silver will leave NYS. That would be a wonderful break for NYS. He has been a part of the good old boys network that has caused far too many talented and wonderful people and whole families to leave NYS already. So I do not believe that Paladino could hurt the state anymore than the jokers we have in the offices now. I do not believe that Carl Paladino is Anti-semitic either. He has proven himself to fair minded and kind. As far as the e-mails go that were sent to him please, I don't know of anyone how has not received something that is not politicaly correct. Just politicians trying to hold on to the power that they have enjoyed for far too many years.
oh, and btw, with regard to moving out of nys; you are aware that we've lost population as a result of the dems creating bad economic conditions for business; even before this dawning of the age of the new poverty due to the recession that's over, ny'ers have been leaving in droves. notice our congressional delegation is getting smaller!!
of course pal is running against silver; he's survived four governors, and is at least one third of the three men in a room form of government that we enjoy here in the state of taxes, oops i mean new york. believe me when i say that silver will retire as soon as he has to fill out a real disclosure form.
I am considering moving out of New York because of prople like MR SILVER -Mr Paladino is the only hope for us -
I'm considering moving out because people like you can't spell "people"
".....if Paladino is NOT elected I WILL pack up my business and get out of this state! That's a promise!..." Most of us remember Mario and this state could never endure that again. especially not during these challenging times.
Carl will make a great gov. He is an attorney and a smart businessman. Carl lives in my neighborhood in Buffalo. He lives in a modest home in the city, instead of a mansion in the suburbs. I like that about him.
Dear Sir, if there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's that ones throwing "could be facts" out there as actual ones in most cases wind up the bigger deceiver in their judgment of others. Realistically speaking for myself, I feel those terrible days of anti-Semitism are over and gone in this Country. If they exist, they do with others I don't associate with and wouldn’t care to, however; I just don't see it in Paladino's "character". Being politically incorrect these days has its price I'm sure, but I believe in my heart that it's not in his make-up. As a businessman, he’s been too involved for too many years in even considering his own survival, if this were to be who Carl Paladino is. Sincerely, Ray
Sadly, there is plenty of anti-Semitism still out there....a lot of it

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