Paladino Reads Anti-Gay Remarks Prepared By Yehuda Levin In Brooklyn
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Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino vowed to “oppose the homosexual agenda” in two public speeches with representatives of the Orthodox community, most of them chasidim, in Brooklyn on Sunday.

“Your community and other religious communities and pro-values communities can still band together to save societal values,” said Paladino, a businessman from Buffalo at a synagogue led by Rabbi Yechezkel Roth in 53rd Street in Borough Park. "Marriage should be between a man and a woman, pure and simple."

The remarks read in Borough Park by Paladino, who often speaks without prepared text, were written by Rabbi Yehuda Levin, an ardent opponent of gay rights and abortion and occasional New York political candidate, Rabbi Levin told The Jewish Week.

Rabbi Levin, who endorsed Paladino on September 21 at his synagogue in Flatbush, has become a trusted advisor to Paladino on the Orthodox community.

At a second stop in Brooklyn, K’hal Adas Kasho inWilliamsburg, Paladino blasted his opponent, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, for marching in the annual gay pride parade, saying he would not do so, and attacked school curricula that teach tolerance of gays.

“I don’t want [children] brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is an equal valid and successful option,” according to reports. Some media reported that a line that was in his prepared text, saying “there is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual,” was in his prepared text but not delivered.

Rabbi Levin, who said Paladino edited the speeches personally, said he knew who had written the Williamsburg speech but was not at liberty to say.

“Politicians often have speechwriters and then the candidate looks [the speeches] over,” Rabbi Levin said in a phone interview on Sunday night. “There were several things he didn’t feel comfortable with.”

Coming at a time of heightened discussion of anti-gay bias after the suicide last month of a Rutger's University student who was secretly taped in a sexual encounter by a roommate, who then streamed the video online, and following the arrest this weekend of nine gang members in the Bronx accused of torturing gay victims, Paladino’s remarks received national coverage, and were promptly denounced by Cuomo.

“Mr. Paladino’s statement displays a stunning homophobia and a glaring disregard for basic equality,” said his spokesman, Josh Vlasto.

A majority of state legislators voted against a gay-marriage proposal last year. Paladino has said he would uphold such a measure if it passed a state referendum by voters.

Brooklyn’s Orthodox community has become something of a battleground between the two candidates. Cuomo visited Williamsburg and Borough Park rebbes last Sunday and was warmly received by them.

The Borough Park speech also attacked a group of Orthodox Jews, without naming them, who had accused Paladino of anti-Semitism on the steps of City Hall on Sept. 20. That group, which included Assemblyman Dov Hikind, were angered by Paladino's affirmation of comments by the Erie County supervisor attacking Assembly Sheldon Silver as an "anti-Christ." Paladino on Sunday said Hikind and the others never called him to hear his side of the story.

Paladino's Borough Park speech also waded into a City Council race last year between Brad Lander and John Heyer for an open seat representing part of Borough Park. "You voted for John Heyer because some other power brokers and power seekers fooled you and your distinguished rabbis, Moshe Wolfson and Yaakov Perlow into thinking Heyer opposed all forms of same gender marriage," Paladino said, as soon on a YouTube video of the event. "They lied to you and the rabbis because he didn't oppose the same gender marriage but I do."

Paladino drew applause in the crowded room when he said "parents should be given a choice about whether to send children to public or religious school [and] it's only fair that the secular education of our children be covered [by taxpayers] wherever they choose to study." There was also applause when he vowed to veto spending by the state on abortions.

Rabbi Levin also escorted Paladino to the offices of two Orthodox weeklies, The Jewish Press and Hamodia on Sunday.

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I stand with Carl. As long as I don't want the homosexual agenda pushed on my kids, I have to spend extra money to get them out of public school. Tolerance is one thing; acceptance is another. Doesn't matter whether they were born that way or not.
Chava, All I am talking about is the fact of whether or not one can change to be homosexual or not to be. Fact is that it is completey in ones control. It is hard - its true just like any learned repetitive trait. There are numerous scientific studies to back me up. Have you looked into the matter or are you just responding emotionally? Join the discussion here: so we don't have to be repetitive.
Yes, being Jewish is a choice and you too can be converted!!!! Ha, Jews should check their hatred at the door. They expect the world to be sensitive to their persecution, support their radical country Israel and yet it's OK for them to hate and advocate persecution of gays? SHAME, SHAME, SHAME
Yosef - you are so brainwashed its really scary. Maybe you are actually gay and just trying so hard to depress the feelings. Why else would you care so much? How does someone being gay hurt you? Why does it bother you so much?
"Jewish Humanist" ... See for more info and real studies. If you are a real humanist you would not advocate for the deniel of theraputic services to clients who can benefit from them.
Again all these commentors are missing the fact that homosexuality is a choice - yes difficult to stop once you are feeding it, just like any behavioral issue that requires therapy. Nevertheless it is not an 'identity' and it is not inborn. There have been serious scientific studies indicating as I'm saying - there is nothing of a scientific nature on the other side. See: Sexual Orientation Change Efforts in Men: A Client Perspective
No doubt Rabbi Yehudi Levin and his fellow Hassidic Jews have a deeply painful and perhaps even personal knowledge of the horrific genocide visited upon their Jewish brethren by the Nazi's and their collaborators among the Catholic French, Poles, Czechs, and other Europeans only too happy to help end the so-called "Jewish problem". Scapegoated and dehumanized by the Nazi's coldly organized pogrom, millions of Jews were in turn demonized, terrorized, interned, starved, tortured, and ultimately murdered and then burned in the ovens. How can it be that these supposedly holy men can craft such hatefully homophobic speeches for Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino to blithely deliver in their synagogue? Have they learned nothing? What is their motivation to demonize another minority? Where is their humanity? They and Paladino are a disgrace.
Maybe Paladino and the Jews of NY would like to see the gays concentrated in camps
This is a completely insulting and ignorant comment. Levin does NOT represent the views of the Jewish people of New York or anywhere else in the world. His hate is a disgrace to our religion. The Jewish faith believes in equal rights, tolerance and love for all people. Have you ever visited the Museum of Tolerance? I am so insulted that anyone with an ounce of intelligence would lump all Jews together because of this one idiot's views. Do you lump all Catholics together too? Are all Christians anti-gay and anti-choice? Get a clue!
You guys should lay off Palladino, he is very sincere in his support for Family Values. He is so committed to family values that he decided to start a second family.
You don't like the gay lifestyle? Ignore it. What impact does it have on you? If a minority's lifestyle is subject to popular vote, some Jewish customs might also be voted down by the general public. Live & let live.
I guess all of Carls personal exploits including fathering a child from another woman while married and sending bestiality cartoons and anti semitic racist cartoons to everyone and their mother is ok as long as he hates the gays.
Yehuda Levin evidently has not spent enough time studying the history of the Nazis' persecution of gay human beings. His conduct is so disgraceful that he is, in his present state of derangement, not even able to comprehend how disgraceful it and therefore he is. This is a Jew? I think not.
does the rabbi, or paladino, realize that gays have been fighting to be allowed to marry for some time now? it is the paladinos and jewish zealots who oppose that right.
Paladino is correct. Homosexuality is a behavior that can be changed. Look at Get an education!
"... Orthodox institutions must immediately cut off any support or endorsement of so-called “reparative therapy,” which has been denounced by every professional medical and psychiatric association, and that has never worked for more than a sliver of “patients.” So long as we perpetuate the myth that homosexuality is a pathology to be cured, we encourage kids who find they cannot cure themselves to despair, and consider ending their lives."
What a disgusting, clueless human being. Dehumanising gays, and especially gay children, isn't going to make anyone straight. All this is is pointless abuse for the shear sick pleasure of it. History is going to view him like any other mudslinging supremacist.
Carl Paladino has a defective memory. - video taken of the speech clearly shoes him making the offensive statement he now disavows.
I stand with Carl.
If you stand with Carl, you stand with a man reviving the Blood Libel against another minority. Paladino called gays "perverts who are after our children." That is no better than accusing Jews of killing Christian children and using their blood to make matzoh. Both are an incitement to violence. While that violence is past for Jews, events in the Bronx show that violence is still here for gays. You, Carl Gottstein are no better than the anti-semites who persecuted your ancestors. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Paladino speech disgraced the Jewish community. However wrote the talk is not only ignorant of science, he is also disturbingly obsessed with homosexuality. You know what they say about people who obsess about gays.... Real men and truly frum Jews do not attack other minorities like gays, which on the same day face pogrom in Belgrade and attacks in the Bronx. Yehuda Levin is a disgrace.

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