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Missing Chasidic Boy Found Murdered
Nine-year-old left day camp Monday evening and vanished.
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Hopefulness turned to heartbreak early Wednesday when a chasidic boy who never came home from day camp on Monday was found murdered.

Police said the dismembered remains of Leibby Kletzky were discovered at two locations, including a bin outside an automotive business in Park Slope and a suspect's home over two miles away. Levi Aron, 35, a maintenance supplies store clerk who lives in the area, has been charged with the murder.

At a news conference at police headquarters Wednesday morning, Kelly described the incident as "totally random" and said there was no indication Aron knew the boy. It appears the child -- who had turned 9 according to the Hebrew calendar but was still 8 according to his secular birthday, which is next week -- became lost in his way to meet his mother on 13th Avenue and may have asked the suspect for directions. Leibby appears to have strayed about seven blocks from the route that was supposed to take him to his waiting mother.

Early Wednesday morning detectives entered a home at 466 East 2nd Street in Kensington, Brooklyn and took two men and one woman to a nearby police precinct for questioning.

Kelly said that when detectives asked Aron, who works as a clerk at a maintenance supply company, where the boy was, he gestured toward his refrigerator, where body parts were found. Aron lives at the top of a three-floor private home owned by his parents, shared by other relatives, the commissioner said. Kelly said but investigators are checking with authorities in Tenessee, where he worked for two years as a security guard, for any prior criminal history.

It's unclear how long the suspect may have abducted the child, but Kelly said it appeared he killed the child out of panic because of the intense search by police and volunteers in the area.

Kelly said detectives were led to the scene where the rest of the remains were found by information from Aron.

A former neighbor of the suspect, who came to the scene this morning, said he knew the suspect for over ten years. The family was dysfunctional, he said, and he instructed his children to stay away from the man in question. "I kept my kids away from that house." He described the man, who he said davened daily at the shul around the corner, as "disturbed."

A Borough Park resident and businessman, who gave his name only as Ephraim and is a father of eight, had joined in the volunteer search efforts of the past two days. He called the tragedy, "A double murder - one was the child, and the other is the image of a Jew."

From the air and on the ground, police and volunteers had launched an intense search on Monday for Leiby. According to the NYPD, the child was last seen when he left 1205 44th Street at approximately 4:50 p.m. on Monday afternoon.

Leibby left Yeshiva Boyan to meet his mother on 13th Avenue. She notified the authorities when he failed to arrive. NYPD launched a "level one" mobilization according to authorities on the scene.

In addition to NYPD, organizations involved in the search include volunteer Shomrim community patrols from Borough Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg and Chaverim from Lakewood, and Hatzolah. As of Tuesday evening there was no further information, and no clues as community members began to fear the worst. Administrators at Nechmod Day camp said they continue to work with the police.

Flatbush Shomrim coordinator Bob Moskovitz began working 10 p.m. on Monday night at the command center near the family's home on 57th Street and 15th Avenue. He said Leibby has no disabilities, and no history of wandering off. The entire Borough Park area of eight to ten square miles had been canvassed by midday Tuesday, he said, and the search area continues to widen.

"The volunteers are coming faster than I can hand out the grids," said Moskovitz, referring to map sections. Volunteers work in pairs, said Moskovitz, and women as well as men have been a big part of the efforts.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, whose office joined community leaders in offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to Leibby's return called the youngster "a good kid." He also said, "the shomrim in our community have been remarkable, and "the police have put unbelievable resources into this."

NYPD resources include helicopters, K-9 units, and mounted police. A mounted officer on the scene explained the benefit of mounted police. "We have the advantage of being able to see from a higher point of view. We can also be more mobile than a patrol car might be, being able to [look] into smaller areas."

"This is every parent's nightmare," Kelly said at the news conference. "But an incident like this is extremely rare."


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iam puerto rican and i am so sorry for what happen to this littlie angel.i want to say to the family that they are in my pray's.and to veryone else remeber it does not matter what NEIGHBORHOOD you are in their is crazy people very always have to be careful.i leave in forest hill's queens which is a very good NEIGHBORHOOD
and i am sure thier are good people and bad people. and their is good and bad in very nationality.godbless.

Children being allowed to solo (travel to and from school alone for the first time) should be done like student pilots are allowed to solo for the first time.
If you, a person in the media, are going to give advice as how to train a child, ask experts, not that woman that was so clueless to this issue.

The parent should accompany the child as he or she attempts to go to school and return home and should be allowed to get lost and use procedures like using a payphone to call the police for assistance, entering a doctor's or dentist's office for assistance and/or to call home. Since the parent takes the child to school, this can be done daily, first pointing out, to the child, checkpoints (stores, buildings, street signs) and giving the child a map with the route clearly marked on it as well as instructions for the route.

A child should not be driven to and from school, but walked to and from school as raining so they can do it on their own. Just like a student pilot is given and taught emergency procedures, it they were to get lost, the child should be given and taught emergency procedures if they got lost.

Only when the child can walk to and from school several times, with his or her parent, without any assistance from the parent, should the child be allowed to walk to and from school solo.
Parents are the primary teachers of their children and most are incompetent in this role.

we all know about good and evil on this earth but the definition of it is wrong.
satan is the masquerade of crimes on earth.
leiby kletzky bloomberg said on the news why god did this. horrified by bloombergs statement.
people are not reading the bible correctly, the work of god is in the bible and the crimes in the
bible made by satan. GOD is here on earth with all of us and satan is with all of us too.
when the messiah comes he will free us from satan.
god will control the world alone.

This is beyond description. It is sad, sickening, horrifying and heartbreaking. It affects all of us because we all care about children, G_d will take care of this precious child's soul, and the killer will have to own up to what he did in this world or the next.

You can send a letter of compassion to the family by emailing leibyklets­ky.letters­ Organizers have already received 1,000 letters of support and are hoping to receive 10,000 letters by the end of the weekend (the end of July 17th) to provide to the family. Once you write, you will get a response that says, in part:

We now need to move to the next stage and hit our goal of 10,000 letters before the end of the weekend. Please take this seriously and contact 10 people who will write letters to them and email them here. We will encourage them in turn to get 10 more people to get 10 more people to email the family here at this address. We want to send them 100,000 letters by the end of the Shiva.

Thanks for being part of this groundbrea­king initiative­.

Jamie Cowland

Bear in mind, most children murdered in the US are done by people who know them, not strangers. According to the latest figures issued by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, it might make more sense for strangers to give children lectures on avoiding mom and dad: A full 60% of the 18,962 children under five murdered between 1976 and 2005 were slain by their parents. Another 23% were killed by male acquaintances, and 7% by other relatives. Only 3% of the deaths were “stranger murders” that capture headlines.

This is a horror beyond words. But one thing is clear, the killer is not a criminal. He is insane. Nothing about this murder -- from the abduction to the dismemberment, to the apparently unemotional manner in which the killer pointed to his refrigerator is indicative of anything but a severely disturbed person. He is to be pitied not hated.

Makes me lose faith in the whole of creation! The exercise of one persons free will over a defense less child such as this is not what I call a good system!!! Maybe we need to see "the sea split again" !!! A little help from g-d wouldn't hurt! Disgusted dissolutioned and definitely less believing as I read such a tragic story! David overcame Goliath with g-ds help what about a little help now in modern times!!!

he is so sick and twisted, i hope he burn in HELL!!!!!!! who would want to take a child's life?

Prayers of comfort to the family. My heart bleeds for them --- and all of us.

I can not get this precious little boys face out of my head. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. such a tragedy.

the world is definately coming to an end thats 2 kids now this poor little boy and that little girl that died at the hands of her mother caylee anthony its a sin and a shame that things like this can happen in my country and people get away with it smdh

For a tragedy like this there are simply no words to say to the family and friends of this innocent soul. Mere words cannot diminish the pain, horror and grief. May Hashem (GOD) comfort the parents, family, friends and community in a way that only He alone can. May you be reunited with Leiby VERY soon with the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days.

I hope and pray that the family and especially the parents are helped through this incredibly difficult time and that they do not blame themselves for allowing their child to walk on his own. PLEASE don't add to your torment by blaming yourselves. No one could have possibly foreseen such a tragedy. May Hashem guard and comfort his people and remove all pain and suffering forever.

I also beseech everyone to please think twice and be sensitive before saying something that may be very ill-placed to the family. There is no reason to add to the pain by saying some of the most stupid things that people say. If you have nothing to say, or don't know what to say, JUST DON'T SAY ANYTHING. sometimes silence speaks for itself. Be available to help, cry and mourn with them and show your love and support.

Thank you!

Crying with you and acknowledging your indescribable pain,
CK, Jerusalem

As a sometime practicing Catholic, I do not care what faith, race, color, creed, ethnicity a child is... a child is a child of God... Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindi, atheist... they are babies, children who should expect the most basic protection from their fellow man. The parents were in error to try and have faith in their fellow man and allowing their child to be free. But you are right, it is not their fault. The evil that lived within that human could no longer have been categorized as a human being. just an evil being. I held my own 8 yr old tighter the evening of Tuesday when I returned home after reading this horrific news. I had nightmares two nights ago about this poor child and so many others that I know how very fortunate I have been that my own three babies have been thus so far, kept from evil and I continue to ask our Father in heaven to continue their protection. For my children's jewish brother in humanity from NY I ask that God and all his servants pray and watch over him and his family.. for they still have four precious daughters to guide in life and try and offer some comfort in the knowledge that they will see him again when they are called to render their souls to Him. This little innocent and trusting angel reminds me of my own children and myself thinking there is good in everyone. This evil event reminded me that evil does exist and will manifest itself sometimes in the form of ones you trust. May this little angel always be in his family's heart. My most sincere prayers of fortitude I offer for this family.

Such a shame. I'm sick to my stomach. Our prayers go out to the family and entire community.

This makes me wonder...if the media had not been so aggressive maybe they would have found the boy alive! It was my first thought when they started showing coverage on the case - that whoever had done it would panic if they saw just how much was being done. And sure enough...this is an awful tragedy.

I am an afro-american woman, and I cried when I heard what happened to this little boy. My heart was broken, as were my neighbors. What happened to this child, could have happened in any community. The actions of one sick perverted person does not speak for the hard working Jewish population that reside in Borough Park.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and the community of little Leibby Kletsky.

Our prayers to the family.

My heart breaks for this child, his family, and the entire community. I went to school in borough park many years ago, I just can't imagine this happening anywhere but much less in this very close community. This suspect must tell all, and then receive all that he deserves.

How can anyone hurt a child especially in this most sadistic, sick way? My heart hurts for the family.

My thoughts and prayers go out to this family and the entire community. To all of you who searched for this child. may you be blessed. Know that regardless of our race, creed or religion we mourn this loss with you.

As what I saw In that video his dissapearened look very suspicious I believe this was 75% planEd because he knew that guy a 9yr old isn't dum he followed him because he knew him and 25% of kinapped. Goodluck finding this kiddo

it looks to me like the little boy was taken by someone in this video

Thank you for posting this information. It is important to find him as soon as possible - there was a heat advisory today!

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