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Bishop-Altschuler Race Remains Deadlocked
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The close race in the First Congressional District on Long Island’s East End may begin to become clearer Tuesday when the Suffolk County Board of Elections begins counting the approximately 11,000 absentee and affidavit ballots.

Incumbent Democrat Tim Bishop had initially been reported ahead of Republican challenger Randy Altschuler by 3,461 votes.

But after a miscount was discovered, Altschuler took the lead by nearly 400 votes. Should he retain that lead, Altschuler would become only the second Jewish Republican in the House.

The Suffolk County Board of Elections began an audit last week of a randomly selected 3 percent of the voting machines to ensure the integrity of the results. The check of the 43 machines being examined is expected to take several days and if more discrepancies are discovered, the check would be expanded to 5 percent of the 460 machines in the district.

If additional problems were still discovered, the recount would be expanded to 12 percent of the machines. Authorities have reportedly said that only if more discrepancies were discovered would a full district paper ballot recount be conducted.

Bishop has already called for a full recount, something Altschuler’s spokesman has said is too soon to seriously consider.


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11/26/2010 - 10:46
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Altschuler is using every dirty trick! He is even questioning the absentee vote of a Blind 95 year old Democratic woman because of her signature! (FOURTH paragraph- http://www­.hamptons.­com/News/F­or-The-Rec­ord/12594/­UPDATE-Bis­hop-Extend­s-Lead-To-­235-As-Cou­nting.html) Altschuler is a very rich, ambitious man thanks to his outsourcing of 10's of THOUSANDS of American jobs to Asia with his company Office Tiger! He has major ties to International people who could care less about America because their only concern is extreme PROFIT! Forget about Lobbyists, if Altschuler steals his way into congress he will be a main conduit for ambitious, corrupt international businessmen (ie Murdoch, Koch bros, Wall street and the rest of that ilk). Another scary point is that Altshculer is a true believer in Paul Ryan's ideas of getting RID of medicare (and all public programs)- and if you don't believe me listen to his OWN words- go to Youtube and search under; Altschuler medicare. Or go to; (you will see an hilarious but scary video making fun of outsourcing- please view it). This isn't made up, this is the nasty/horrifying reality of Republican/Teaparty and their class warfare back to the gilded age!
I told Congressman Bishop that I would work HARD to have him defeated in OUR District! I know that he is a Progressive & doesn't have the same values the majority of my friends & neighbors have. He is a CANCER to the Mastic-Shirley- Moriches AREA with increase dependency, WE RESIDENTS have seen a drastic rise in intrusive GOVERNMENT! WHY? To WHAT END? I pray that the absentee ballots count for the ONLY Conservative Voice around. A Congressman-elect Altschuler, WILL BE BEST FOR LI & OUR NATION'S REPUBLIC! I told you Congressman Bishop, WE THE PEOPLE NOT ONLY WANT TO BE HEARD, WE EXPECT YOU to DO WHAT WE SAY!
i hope Mr. A Wins. as i Know Eric Cantor is also Jewish (i guess he was the other Republican House member u were reffering to). actually the reason i want him To Win is because hes conservative

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