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NYU Dorms Flooded With 'Eviction' Notices

Action aims to draw attention to ongoing Palestinian reality.

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NYU's Palladium Hall was reportedly flooded with fake eviction notices. Miriam Lichtenberg/JW
NYU's Palladium Hall was reportedly flooded with fake eviction notices. Miriam Lichtenberg/JW

Note: This story was corrected on April 28 to reflect that the fliers were distributed at two dorms rather than one, and that neither dorm has a reputation for having a particularly large Jewish population. 

A student activist group flooded two NYU dorms Wednesday night with fake eviction notices to draw attention to “the reality Palestinians confront on an ongoing basis."

No organization's name was on the fliers, but NYU's chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine took responsibility for them Thursday. In a statement posted on its website, the organization said it put more than 2,000 fliers under doors in both Palladium and Lafayette halls as a protest that "addresses only one of the many horrific aspects of the occupation that Palestinians face daily."

The fliers read, “We regret to inform you that your suite is scheduled for demolition in three days. If you do not vacate the premise by midnight on 25 April, 2014 we reserve the right to destroy all remaining belongings. … Charges for demolition will be applied to your student accounts.

“Eviction notices are routinely given to Palestinian families living under Israeli occupation for no other reason than their ethnicity. … Palestinian homes are destroyed as part of the state of Israel’s ongoing attempts to ethnically cleanse the region of its Arab inhabitants and maintain an exclusively ‘Jewish’ character of the state. By destroying Palestinian homes, the state makes room for illegal Israeli settlements. The Israeli government itself describes the process as ‘Judaization,’ the flier continues.

It concludes, “This is not a real eviction notice. This is intended to draw attention to the reality that Palestinians confront on a regular basis."

The fliers have left students feeling “uncomfortable” and “targeted,” said Laura Adkins, who broke the news of the fliers on The Times of Israel’s website Thursday morning.

“I've heard of things like this happening at other schools, but I guess I never imagined seeing it under my own door,” a student, who wished to remain anonymous, texted to a Jewish Week reporter. “I was more surprised than anything. Although I was also irritated because I feel like what is being stated is dramatically generalized and mostly erroneous." He requested his name not be used but confirmed to the Jewish Week that he received a flier.

An NYU alumna whose daughter is planning to live in Palladium Hall in the fall, said students in the dorm (and their parents) are afraid.

“I’m livid. … This was done in the middle of the night, the cowards. This is NYU, NYU. It’s unbelievable," she said in an interview with The Jewish Week the day the fliers were found. The source asked to remain anonymous to protect her daughter's privacy.

"We are scared for our children’s safety,"  she added.

NYU spokesman John Beckman released a statement Thursday saying that dorm officials would be "looking into the matter, and following up appropriately."

He said school administrators "don't believe there is perception of this dorm as having an a high percentage of Jewish students, but condemned the tactic as inconsistent with the school's goal of open discourse.

"A flyer titled 'eviction notice' anonymously slipped under doors at night is not an invitation to thoughtful, open discussion; it is disappointingly inconsistent with standards we expect to prevail in a scholarly community," the statment said.  

SJP's statement emphasized that they weren't targeting Jewish students. 

"In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. At its very core, SJP is a group opposed to ethnic discrimination and institutionalized racism. Racism is not limited to the practices of the Israeli government, and opposing policies and racist rhetoric, including anti-Semitism, is vital. The students in SJP and the participants in this action come from diverse, including Jewish, backgrounds," the statement said.  

TorchPAC, NYU’s pro-Israel advocacy group, has started an online petition asking NYU President John Sexton to "take firm action" to the school's chapter of SPJ for "incitement on campus." As of Monday afternoon, the peition had 361 signatures.

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This is so sad...sadly, most Asians at NYU support the Muslims instead of the Jews...

Kudos to the authors of the article for correcting the previous errors of fact.

Next time make sure you check alleged "facts" better.

To some of the commenters: Your over-the-top, hyperbolic comments - which border on hysteria - conflating an act of speech with "terrorism" only serves to discredit your cause ...

It might work well within the "bubble" ... but I'm afraid you're going to find that the "bubble" has an ever-shrinking nature associated with it as long as you use such disreputable tactics ...

“We are scared for our children’s safety."
It seems that the NYU scoundrels, more than making Jews aware of the plight of the Palestinians, have made Jews aware of the plight of the Jews.

This was not a prank, it was a test to see what the reaction would be to threats aimed directly at Jews by "Palestinians" in New York City. NYU should have evicted these terrorists immediately. They were able to get to the living quarters of Jewish students without any difficulty whatsoever. And now that they know that they can do that, these Jewish students are in grave danger. Make no mistake about it; this was a test, not a prank. The failure to act strongly and swiftly in response to it will inevitably embolden these anti-Semitic terrorists.

Your comment is completely nonsensical.
"Threats aimed directly at Jews" - these flyers were distributed to every member of the Palladium and Lafayette residence, regardless of race or religion.
"They were able to get to the living quarters of Jewish students" - they were able to get in because they were themselves students, and students are allowed access to all dorms.
"These Jewish students are in grave danger" - it was a flyer. A flyer slipped under a door. If the flyers had been posted on the hallways outside would you have the same reaction? Universities are always full of flyers and posters promoting one event, ideology, etc. or another, this was really no different.

It is disheartening to read your comment. It is disheartening because it disallows for the actions to have a darker and more serious intent. Yes, they gave the flyer out to many....but to the many that received it, and are not Jewish - it had a different message. It was not just clever of them to give the flyers out to many - it was deliberately given out to all in order to attempt to avoid being accused of singling out the Jewish students. But, the message is clear to those whom it felt threatening and accusatory.

Yes, it was a flyer, and again what you fail to see is the deeper implications that many Jewish students are well aware of ... the insidious and and seemingly innocent methods of stirring up anger, mistrust, fear and hatred.

I would say the plot thickens as the misguided group of anti-Israel thugs sit back smiling and feeling that they have accomplished a great job....controversy, fear, and Jewish unrest - and dreaming up the next event!!!

HHMM, and they didn't have to break windows *Kristolnact) or burn books..........

Many Jewish students are all too aware how this evolves and what it evolves into. The fear that history repeats itself is all too real.

A sad commentary on the general media that in its efforts to sell papers and radio spots, chooses to go with "stories" that are halve truths, complete lies, slanted views, one-sided takes, and revisionary history - because they can make THOSE stories more interesting, and more sellable.

Such as the current trend to invent, misrepresent facts, and deny truths in order to make the palestinians look like victims. AZs to being evicted - there is so much history the media chooses to ignore....lands that wee purchased, land that were won BY WAR. Isn't that a novel idea? Which other country that when IT was attacked, fought a brilliant fight. and as the underdog...came out winning. And the losing side was NOT thrown out, was NOT put into refugee camps (as they are in Lebanon), and those that already LIVED in ISRAEL remained...why....because they saw and they knew...first hand, that if they wanted freedom of person, education for all, civil and religious rights - stay in Israel.

Is Israel perfect? Tell me what country is.........but, countries that value freedom and democracy, and human rights work to make them better, as is Israel. Which Arab country has actually bettered itself - for the general population - in the last 50 years? Any of the "springs" working? Across the world, who blows up the mosques of moslems...ONLY other moslems. Who deliberately under the guise of "law" murder females because they were raped...

Yes, no country is perfect....but, some come close. But those that do come close, come close because they are not living in the 15th C, do not expect to either forcibly or insidiously "change the world order", and actively take care of their residents - not look for ways to keep them down, would not use children as pawns in a fight, and put more energy into educating their youth to be 21st C productive citizens.

All Egypt needs to do is follow Jeremiah 47: 1 & 6,
and annex the Gaza Strip and half the problem becomes Egypt's. Getting Syria or Jordan to annex the West Bank wouldn't be so good. But a two state peace deal, after Egypt takes Gaza? That would be awesome.

Palestine has successfully produced 2 generations of terrorists and is now working on a 3rd plus exports.

The immortal words of Abba Eban ring true again - "the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity" The topic of house demolitions, certainly worthy of discussion, is now sullied due to a juvenile prank which likely served the dual purpose of targeting Jewish students.

While the silly flyer may claim to oppose ethnic prejudice, the actions behind it say otherwise and say it louder.

It's quite unlikely that there will ever be a Palestinian state since the "leadership" and fellow travelers have proven themselves too immature to make it happen. As exemplified by this latest example of hooliganism.

A male graduate of NYU is an alumnus. Does the Jewish Week no longer employ proof-readers?

It is time that the Jewish students find out what is being done in their name to the Palestinians. Since 1967 over 25,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished leaving the residents homeless. Palestinians in the West Bank, rarely, if ever. get a permit to either build a new home or to add on to their existing home and so they are forced to build without a permit. Then the Israeli officials send out a demolition notice. The hapless home owner has the choice of demolishing his own home or having the home demolished by Israeli home wreckers and being forced to pay the bill. It is not far fetched to say that the reason that permits are not issued by Israeli authorities is because they want the Palestinians to be homeless and to leave so that Jews can take more of the land.

If these Jewish kids are offended then maybe they should do something to pressure Israel to stop this inhuman and inhumane practice. As a Jew and as an American whose tax dollars help to fund this travesty I find it important that I know what is going on. Too bad these kids have such thin skins and/or are wearing blinders. After all, if Israel considers itself to be the homeland of all the Jews then these kids had better know what is being done in their name.

I'm not Jewish (in fact, just until a few years ago I was biased against Jews) nor part of NYU, I hate social activism, and I'm a terrible racist & pseudo-social Darwinist who cares not about the conflict in the Middle East, but this is post is absurd and makes me angry enough that I'm scrimping on my already-limited sleep to respond to this nonsense. If you're trolling, congratulations, but if not...
I don't know about your parents, but mine came to America for a chance at a better life for their families. They're not nationalists, and aside from problems affecting their relatives still back in their home country, they don't even care much about their home country anymore. They're Americans now, and you are too (if not and you came here illegally or seek asylum in the US then I apologize for my premade assumptions). What can you or any of us do about the situation in the Middle East? Absolutely nothing—we’re just individuals trying to live our own lives, and there'd be even less sympathy if you're going to harass people into doing it. You're detracting from your own cause, since angry people like me definitely aren't going to give a rat's ass about the situation in Palestine regardless of what happens (not that I would in the first place). I get enough nonsense on Facebook about the situation in Palestine.
tl;dr If you're trying to garner support, stop harassing people and pick a better way to spread your social justice. Go make a White House Petition or something; I'm pretty sure they listen to things (though they might not do much about it). Heck, go shove fliers under the doors of the Jews back in Israel or wherever they live. At least they have a direct voice to their government.
Alternatively, invest your time in something more worthwhile. Go be an environmental engineer and make Mars inhabitable so that people won't be arguing over who lives where. If nobody has anything to argue over in the first place, nobody will argue. Social activism isn't going to do anything if you don't expand your resources, and it takes time and effort to do that. Spreading happiness too thin just hurts everybody.

There is only one issue here. Open dialogue about anything between concerned

parties. No other type of direct behavior is acceptable.

The fact that these terrorists (yes that's what they are, terrorizing students) can sneak into the dorm and distribute this rubbish in the middle of the night, indicates that security is too lax at this dorm! What if it were an incendiary device slipped under every door instead of a flyer????

I wonder which conservatives could be behind this? Probably the Koch brothers.

It would be hoped that some of these Jewish students, after getting over their being discomfited, might empathize with Palestinians who have not only been evicted from their homes by Israeli forces but have had their homes bulldozed with no time to remove their possessions.

That's more than can be expected, it seems, from readers of the Jewish Week.

There's a big difference between empathy at what they're going through and saying they should be allowed to build a house on land they don't own without the proper permits or abiding by the safe building codes. I feel bad for them, but that doesn't mean it's still not entirely right to evict them from an illegal and unsafe structure and then demolish it - as is done in pretty much every developed nation.

Obviously we don't expect Jewish liberal papers to defend Jews. Jewish liberals will stab you in the back every time. Why don't you take the side of the parents who worry about their kids instead of worrying about those who wish to do Israel in?

Where was university security to prevent freeloading, rabblerosters from degrading the name of NYU???

Maybe if these individuals went to school and learned something to build their society instead of being the distructive characters they are their people would have something to offer the world!

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