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92Y's Adler Fired
Married director had 'personal relationship' with subordinate whose son-in-law allegedly extorted Y vendors.
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Sol Adler, the longtime executive director of the 92nd Street Y, has been fired in the aftermath of a criminal investigation, the Y announced Friday evening.

In an e-mail sent out shortly before Shabbat, the board explained that it had decided to dismiss Adler after learning he had been engaged in an “undisclosed long term personal relationship” with a subordinate, Cathy Marto. Marto, who had served as the 92Y’s liaison for board and donor relations, is the mother-in-law of a former employee suspected of having demanded and received illegal payments from 92Y vendors.

While the Y e-mail did not name Marto’s son-in-law, the Daily News, in an article Saturday, identified him as Sal Taddeo, a onetime stockbroker arrested in 1997 for his role in a Mafia-run Wall Street scam.

According to the News, Taddeo, who worked for years as the Y’s director of facilities, left in February, shortly before the Y received an anonymous letter about his alleged criminal dealings.

In the course of the Y’s investigation, Marto was “terminated for incomplete or inaccurate answers to investigators,” according to the board’s e-mail, and two other employees were terminated “for engaging in and failing to report suspected inappropriate behavior.”

While the Y decided to dismiss Adler upon learning of his relationship with Marto, immediately after its decision “Mr. Adler entered the hospital very suddenly” and “we determined not to take action on that day out of concern for him and compassion for his family as we sought to learn the details of his condition.”

According to the e-mail Deputy Executive Director Henry Timms will take over as Interim Executive Director while the board conducts a search for a permanent successor to Adler.

“While we know this news is unsettling, we believe that the 92Y Board has taken the appropriate steps so that the kind of activity discovered should never happen again,” it said. “The Board has engaged an independent accounting firm to assist in implementing best financial practices and we are undertaking a top to bottom governance review to ensure that all of the people in our organization live up to the values we espouse.”



Adler, whose compensation totaled $436,370 in 2011, the most recent year for which tax forms are available, had been with the Y since 1978 and its top executive since 1988. The Y website credited him with doubling the number of its programs, and raising more than $80 million.; @julie_wiener

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05/14/2014 - 22:33
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A scandal? What does anyone really know for sure. It has been posted in publications most intelligent people wouldn't read on paper. By mistake on the internet perhaps....mind your own business and think about the lives of those who have been injured...Chaim!

I second most of the comments This has been going on since the 80's and 90's, when I worked there. Maybe Facilities has just too many temptations.

What took the board so many years to finally act? Perhaps the board is also corrupt? I worked at the Y in the 80's creating programs and did not want to be a part of the corrupt practices that are going on in that institution.

I am wondering what is the educational background and work experiences of Catherine Marto? Did she in fact have qualifications to be hired as the Director of the Board and Executive Donor Relations ? Does she have a college degree or business experience that would warrant her to be hired in such a high paying position? Who hired her and when was she hired? What were he job responsibilities prior to working at the 92nd St. Y ? I think the answers to these questions will go to the root of the serious problem that developed and should be investigated and addressed by donors, board and the media. Any government agencies that gave money to the 92nd St. Y should also demand answers since taxpayers are indirectly involved.

I work @ the Y for many years, an this was the talk of everyone, there this has been going on for many years before this came to light, many operation directors were fired for taking kickbacks before sal,there was a Elmer, that was let go for the same reason.

Where are the books from the Buttenweiser Library that was closed? Who signed off on the hiring of Sal Taddeo? Does the 92nd St Y have a Human Resources section where new hirings are reviewed ? Many government agencies gave extensive amounts of money to the Y. Are they involved in conducting their own investigation? Weren't some of these funds from tax payers? Why were hardworking dedicated people who worked in the Library fired but a convicted felon rose to a management position? There are many questions that need to be answered but whether they will be even be asked by the media by is questionable. This is a disgraceful situation that needs to be fully investlgated on many levels.

This is the same 92Y that invited anti-Israel speakers Roger Waters and Alice Walker. This corruption of Jewish values goes far deeper than the executive director, his mistress and the mafia connections. A full housecleaning is in order.

I know all of them. I think it's a total disgrace, especially since Cathy was renting from Sol Adler's mother-in-law. I feel bad for his wife, and his kids. What a total loser he turned out to be, as well as Cathy being a total disgrace to everyone as well. I hope they terminate his pension, as well as Cathy's. Also, how can you hire an ex-convict? What a disgrace to the whole community!!!

To say you know them all and then post as anonymous is cowardly. You should never wish human pain, suffering or misfortune on anyone. Demanding accountability is one thing but to say you hope they terminate her pension is just hateful. All people make mistakes, and all people disappoint. As humans we sometimes err in judgement and who knows what drives our motivation or controls our decision making at times. But as a society we should be concerned with forgiveness, not punitive social condemnation. What is the benefit of inflaming the stories and circumstances behind these terrible misfortunes. People have been outed, they have been fired, and publicly named and shamed. Is that not enough? Imagine your worst wrong doing posted in the New York Post and then everyone who read it just amplifying the chain of anger and humiliation. Who does that serve? Make sure your own house is in order before being so unnecessarily judgmental. Think of the kind of society you want to live in and the way you'd like to be treated when you blow it big time. Be an example of that kind of world. Elevate.

Ironic that you, who condemn someone for posting anonymously posted anonymously yourself!
You strike me as being Sanctimonious pointing fingers yet pretending to be a forgiving and good Person.
One of those Holier than Thou. Reading between the lines, you may be closely involved with the 92Y!
Please list your own name!
And for your information I am not involved with the 92Y at this point, just disillusioned by the bad choices of speakers Walker, Waters, Ben Ami and others
so I am no longer attending or supporting this cesspool.

Perhaps we will now find out the real reason why a Jewish institution dismantled its library for a "construction" project to move the marketing department in-house. I still want to know where the books are buried.

I have to 2nd Susan's observation about the dismantling of the library. I'm not an insider but I think any institution that claims to be a shareholder in Jewish Culture should account for the library's collection, which it had an obligation to preserve. I'm sure there is a story there that needs to be told, in print or online.

There is an opportunity for redemption.

It's not the first time this has happened in the JCC's and Y's

Any chance the JW is going to delve into the "insular" culture that seemed to have been the Y? How Adler and the other two were "fervently corrupt? Will the JW reporters interview the rabbi of the synagogue Adler attended to perhaps analyze how he could have gone so wrong? Probably not, since the subject doesn't have a kippah.

this is a good scandal
it has both sex and money

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