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The Best Jewish Apps Of 2010
From tehillim to kosher restaurants, from kaparot to recipes, our tech guru picks the top 33 applications.
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As more Jewish people acquire the latest in handheld technology – think iPhones, iPads, Android-powered smartphones, BlackBerrys and tablet PCs — there will be more Jewish-themed applications available for download.

Some of these apps will be utilities for checking the Hebrew date or learning about the weekly Torah portion. Other apps will be novelties like making shofar sounds for Rosh HaShanah and grogger sounds on Purim. With many Jewish developers around the world, you can be certain there will be no dearth of Jewish apps in the coming year.

What follows is a roundup (in no particular order) of the top Jewish-themed apps from the past year. This is far from an exhaustive list as there are hundreds of other Jewish apps available, including Jewish and Israeli newspaper versions, apps that let you donate to particular charities, a Gematria (Jewish numerology) calculator, and a guide for keeping kosher at Disney World. Check out for a comprehensive listing of Jewish apps as they are released.


POCKET iSIDDUR – Free: This free iPod and iPhone version of the prayerbook comes with every version imaginable, from Sephardic to Ashkenazic. The new version has adjustable font size. iPad version also available. Available from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

SIDDUR - $9.99: RustyBrick’s version of the siddur for Apple’s mobile devices is expensive, but impressive. Comes with real-time zmanim (prayer times) for each day based on your location. Available from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

iPARASHAH - $4.99: Created by JACA Software Solutions, this app gives you the weekly Torah portions in the palm of your hand. Search for any parsha by name or date with this app. Available from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

TANACH FOR ALL - $3.99: Get the whole Jewish Bible on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Developed by Yaniv Kalsky, the latest version includes Parshat Hashavuah and an onscreen Hebrew keyboard. Available from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

MILA-4-PHONE - Free: Learn basic Hebrew on your iPod thanks to Birthright Israel NEXT, which just released this free Hebrew word flashcard app. Developed by Rusty Brick, this free app makes building up a Hebrew vocabulary quick and easy. Available from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

TEFILAT HADERECH FOR ALL - $0.99: Another app by Yaniv Kalsky. This provides the English and Hebrew version of the traveler’s prayer for travel by air, sea, and long car trips. Available from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

iBLESSING - $0.99: Not sure which blessing goes with which food? This app will remind you which blessing to say. If you’re Hebrew reading isn’t very good, just listen to the app say the blessing in Hebrew or English. Available from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

iZKOR – $0.99: This app provides the text for the mourning rituals in Judaism that are said in all prayer services as well as at funerals and memorial services. Just input the name of the deceased and it will generate the memorial prayer for the individual.All of the following are available from Apple’s Hebrew CalendariTunes App Store.

KOSHER - $4.99: Find the nearest kosher restaurant from the exhaustive database with over 2,000 trusted restaurants to choose from.

TEHILLIM - $1.99: The entire book of Psalms with linear translation.

iTALMUD - $24.99: CrownRoad developed this expensive English translation of the Talmud complete with thousands of footnotes, references and insights. You certainly get what you pay for.

PIRKEI AVOT - Free: The teachings of Pirkei Avot, the ethics of the sages, available in Hebrew and translated into English, Spanish and Portuguese.

KITZUR SHULCHAN ARUKH - $14.99: The entire Jewish legal code laid out in a beautiful format. Developed by RustyBrick, this app allows for quick keyword searches for specific laws and bookmarks to save texts for later.

HEBREW/ENGLISH TRANSLATOR - Free: RustyBrick’s dictionary is easy to use and accurate. For a free Hebrew-English dictionary, you can’t do better. Great onscreen keyboard and copy/paste functionality.

HEBREW CALENDAR - $4.99: Functions just like iCal, but with the luach (Jewish calendar) including all Jewish holidays, z’manim (special times for prayer including sunrise and sunset), event-setting feature, and easy switching between Hebrew and Gregorian calendars. Easy to read fonts on all screens.

KOSHER COOKBOOK - $2.99: Choose meat, dairy, or parve meals and this app guides you to the perfect recipe. Also develops the shopping list for each recipe and allows you to email the shopping list to others.

 Available from

JASTROW DICTIONARY - $14.99: The complete Talmud dictionary with over 120,000 entries and bi-directional Hebrew-English and Aramaic-English references.Available from


Available from Apple’s iTunes App Store:

 iMENORAH - $2.99: Developed by Matthew Parrot, this virtual menorah lets you light candles with the touch of the screen and then watch them burniMenorah down on each night of the holiday. Perfect for small children and dorm rooms where lighting candles is not allowed.

@THE KOTEL - $1.99: This app lets you put a kvittel (note) in the Western Wall (Kotel) in Jerusalem. Developed by Yoram Berkowicz, this app allows for note writing in several languages.

SHABBAT CANDLES - $0.99: Light Shabbat candles virtually every Friday night from anywhere. Great app for the business traveler who might not be able to actually light the Sabbath candles.

LULAV WIZARD - $0.99: Download this app to virtually shake the lulav and etrog in a realistic 3D motion with the blessings appearing on the screen.

PARVEOMETER - Free: Press the meat or dairy button after your meal and this app will count down for you. You can set it to your own custom for the dairy countdown after a meat meal so you won’t miss a minute of being able to eat your ice-cream.

KAPAROT - Free: The folks at PETA would be thrilled to see the custom of waving a chicken above ones head solely done virtually before Yom Kippur, but this app only provides the blessings for the ritual. It should be noted that a sack of money can be used in lieu of the animal.

GROGGER - $0.99: If you forget to bring your noisemaker to synagogue on Purim, don’t worry and just download this app. Developed by Stuart Rubin, this app makes enough grogger sound effects to impress the whole congregation and drown out the name of the wicked Haman.


iPRAY JEWISH FOR ANDROID - Free: Siddur developed by Envision Mobile for the Android. Available from

HEBREW SONGS - $0.99: While this app doesn’t actually play famous Hebrew songs, it is great for learning the lyrics, and figuring out the source for various songs and which holiday they’re associated with. Available from


DAF YOMI – Free: Learn Talmud on the go with this daily page of the Oral Law for the Android. Available from

JEWISH RECIPES - $0.99: Developed by Brighthouse Labs, this recipe app contains the most extensive list of Jewish-themed recipe

s in existence. Available from

JBLESSINGS – $0.99: The Android version to determine which blessings to say before and after various types of food. Available

HEBREW CALENDAR WIDGET - Free: Full Hebrew calendar including Jewish holidays and z’manim for the Android homepage. Available at

PRAYER DIRECTION - Free: Find the right direction for your prayer. Jews in North America traditionally face east in prayer. Available from

ANDDAAVEN - Free: AndDaaven strives to be a siddur application that is easy to use, and leverages the full capabilities of the Android platform.

LUACH HEBREW CALENDAR FOR ANDROID - $1.99: Most complete Jewish calendar program for the Android powered smartphones. Available at

Rabbi Jason Miller writes the Jewish Techs blog for The NY Jewish Week. He’s also the founding director of Kosher Michigan, LLC and president of Access Computer Technology, LLC 


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are fine, as this application de test de conducir

the best app for reading the bibe in hebrew and it free!!

also allow you to search "psuki segola" by your own name- great feature!

Another selection of great apps by JPost

The first one (iScript Hebrew) is really cool for learners of the Hebrew script

A great birkat hamazon for android :

there is another great app for android,
it's for HANHAT TFILIN (הנחת תפילין), and its free:

There is a new app recently released for Android and WebOS that has a little bit of everything: Jerusalem Post and Haaretz news feeds, about 40 biographies, a glossary of Hebrew/ Yiddish terms, Pirkei Avot and Parables, and common prayers for holidays and every day. It's not as in-depth as some of the others, but it covers a wide breadth of info.

Here's the Android market page:

You forgot one of my favorite Jewish Apps...WhoJew? in the Android Market or here: AppBrain . It searches for famous Jewish personalities.
Don't overlook Davka's excellent and innovative apps for iPhone and iPad, including Totally Tanach ( , and many others!
I'm not sure what the purpose of iPray Jewish for Android is. From the website it appears to be a "Jewish" version of the iPray app, which comes in all denominations, from Christian to Muslim (and sects within), yet only advertises certain "Jewish" things, like "Daily Torah". It also seems to be more about being a source of inspiration to the person praying and his or her friends, than it does about being a textual prayer book that one can use. Unless I'm mistaken (I haven't downloaded it; I'm only going by the website). It does not seem, from the website, to be a full Siddur, especially one that caters to various customs. AndDaaven, on the other hand, has a great (Hebrew only) Siddur. I have written the developer and asked for English translations and certain other things to be added, like special prayers that are recited on special, not unusual, occasions. I hope they do develop those tools. If and when they do, it will only get better. But if you're looking for a practical, on the go Siddur, AndDaaven is the one I use, and I highly recommend it.
Behrman House also offers many apps, both paid and free, to help with Jewish practice. Visit for a complete listing of our apps. Check out our free dreidel game for Hanukkah. which one tweeter said "Dreidel Labyrinth is the new Angry Birds."
 Behrman House has some great apps and I included iHanukkah in this blog post:
Nice review, but what about Jewish apps for BlackBerry OS, Symbian OS, WP7? There are also Java apps that are pretty much universal OS-wise, just by design. Let me recommend a great web-site with free Jewish texts and books that will work on any PDA / smartphone
Alas, I have a blackberry and there seems to be very little except at prices that far exceed apps for the iPhone/iPod or Android. Any suggestions for things I may have missed?
 Michael Rogovin: Get a Droid!
For Ipod and IPhone, I would add the following: Kitsur Shulchan Aruch by Natan Rolnik which is FREE JPS Tanach: the Jewish Bible $9.99 (entire NJPS translation) Biblical Hebrew $4.99 (includes the entire BDB Biblical Dictionary) BibleReader FREE ( for which one can purchase the Jewish Study Bible Notes ($19.75) which includes all of the scholarly essays that appear in the print edition and also the JPS Tanach (entire NJPS translation). The same JPS Tanach is available as noted above as a stand alone app from Olivetree.
 Thanks Gordon!
Did you take a look at dreidel HD? While I am a little biased, it really is a fun game, and has excellent animation, sounds, and game play ichael
Take a look here Michael: I'm sorry I didn't include Dreidel HD in the original Jewish Week article... especially since it's a local Made in Michigan product! Happy Hanukkah!  
Jennifer:  I reviewed iLuach, but in the end I couldn't include all the many Hebrew calendar apps. It is a very good app and available here.
I like "Kosher OR not" to check fish in different languages (Hebrew, Englis, Spanish, German and French); quite useful.
Don't forget iLuach!!! It's a full feature perpetual Hebrew calendar!! Must check it out.
This is a great list, thank you for pulling it together! Just a quick note: iMenorah had two talented developers, Matthew Parrot and Mike Jutan.

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