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Synagogue Solicits Mel Gibson
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(JTA) -- A California synagogue asked movie star Mel Gibson for a donation, suggesting it would remedy his reputation regarding Jews.

The president of Congregation Beth Shalom in Corona sent the filmmaker and actor a letter asking for help to prevent the synagogue from losing its building, the Hollywood gossip site TMZ reported last Friday.

"Our proposal to you, Mr. Gibson, is since you have been cited as an Anti-Semitic, and have denied those allegations, what better way to prove to all your fans and the nay Sayers -- than to endorse and help raise funds for our cause -- SOS, Save Our Synagogue," the letter from the synagogue's president said.

The letter said that the synagogue was grappling with a $1.6 million loan that it had taken out to construct its building and the effects of the economic downturn on its members.

It concluded: "Mr. Gibson, we offer you to be a Mensch and make a sizable contribution to our cause."

A representative for Gibson told TMZ that he was not aware of the request.

A representative of the Southern California Conservative synagogue told TMZ that "We weren't trying to shame Mel Gibson into giving us money. We are approaching many celebrities and people of the community as well. We thought because of his situation he would be very much interested in supporting our cause."

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05/03/2012 - 03:12
California Synagogue, Mel Gibson
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Nothing but a shake-down.

This is pathetic. This is nothing short of a shakedown of a wealthy man who happens to not like Jews. People should keep in mind: There are no laws that say people have to love other people. Since there is no proof Gibson harmed the Jewish community this attempt at "solicitation" is nothing more than a form of social blackmail. This is something Al Sharpton would pull, it shouldn't be something a shul should do.

No one in my family has seen any of Gibson's movies since his drunk tirade to the police.


Frankly, I think this would have been a good opportunity for Gibson to half-way redeem himself.

But they'll get nothing from that grub, except bile.

If this shul succeeds in getting money with this type of fund raising campaign it should be renamed Congregation Beth Schnorrer. This pandering for dollars to a man who has a, quite deservedly, tarnished image in the Jewish community speaks volumes of the lack of tact and class one should expect from a synagogue. Have the courage to accept someone's true feelings (in this case Gibson's towards the Jews) and move on. Does anyone truly believe if he does donate that it would be anything but a pity attempt at socially reengineering his image?

When you spend too much and borrow, you can easily become desperate and fall into undesirable behavior. I consider the solicitation of a large donation from Mel Gibson to be deeply disturbing and unhealthy. Instead, the congregation should admit their grievous mistakes and take the difficult corrective actions that are necessary to extricate themselves from their debts. I feel comfortable in proffering this advice because I have been financially overextended, bankrupt, and desperate on several occasions myself. I have learned that thrift and caution in finances never goes out of style. The baby-boomer generation, my generation, is the worst ever to my knowledge. Because of greed and corruption, we have lead our nation from being one of the richest in the world to potential insolvency in 2 decades. We all need to repent. That is the medicine I would prescribe to the bankrupt California synagogue.

Awful lot of Bullshit on this site. The letter "from the President" is Fabricated by TMZ. BTW California Bank & Trust refused the full amount of the loan. They preferred to be paid 1.2 million from the FDIC, for a building now worth $600,000. How many of you know that the FDIC is funded with our tax dollars.

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