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NBA Takes Steps To Terminate Sterling’s Ownership Rights
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The National Basketball Association filed paperwork to terminate Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling of all ownership rights in the franchise.

Sterling has until May 27 to respond to Monday’s filing. He will be allowed to make a presentation at a special Board of Governors meeting on June 3, CNN reported.

The 80-year-old Jewish lawyer and billionaire real estate investor, who was recorded making racist comments to his girlfriend, is fighting a $2.5 million fine and a lifetime ban imposed by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

In the recorded conversation and in subsequent interviews, Sterling has mentioned Jewish issues. In a recent interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, he criticized wealthy African-Americans for not being as generous as American Jews and praised Jews for establishing Hebrew free loan societies.

According to CNN, some owners said privately — and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said publicly — that the interview has made them more resolute about voting out Sterling.

Citing recent interviews with NBA insiders, a CNN reporter told Cooper, “If there were any owners who were concerned about should we be kicking someone out for a private tape, [they] now feel more comfortable. Because Donald Sterling went on television with you and made statements that were abhorrent to so many people, they feel as if they are on much firmer ground to kick him out.”

Sterling has owned the Clippers since 1981.

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05/26/2014 - 23:19
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I truly believe the Sterling affair is getting more attention than it deserves and I admit that I'm part of the overreaction. Having confessed to guilt, I would like to make another point. The more information I hear about the case, the more the girlfriend, Ms. Stiviano, looks like she was engaging in premeditated blackmail. That is another crime of which she may be guilty. To that she can add the crime of recording a person's speech without their consent and releasing it to the public. The damage done to Sterling because of his rant certainly is severe. But it will surprise me if Ms. Stiviano does not pay a steep price for her swindle.

I think that you should have stopped with your first sentence. Overreaction. Period. Why did you feel compelled to first say that the Sterling affair is getting too much attention, but, having acknowledged that, let me pile on the undeserved attention, and expand the discussion to include the girlfriend?

Although I have written a post or two on this topic, I originally wasn't very interested in the Donald Sterling saga. I now believe, the hyper-racialization and hyper-womanization of the dialogue in this country is a real threat to our social stability. People who see the world through their narrow identity preferences, have a pathological problem. It is not normal and it is not healthy. I actually heard a well-known sports commentator on TV call for the NBA owners to make their vote on expelling Sterling open to the public AND 100% for removal. Now, I could not care less about the welfare of Donald Sterling, but I do hold facts, the law, and calm deliberation in more favorable regard. Mobs of lathered up fanatics watching and judging the NBA owners proceedings will not help anyone. This hyped-up identity politics is happening because our leaders are failing us. I assume it is for political gain, but whatever the reason, it is divisive and destroying our country. Friends, take a deep breathe. We are all on the same team-the USA. We will not win as a nation if we are shooting at another person's 'identity', which is not ours.

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