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Jews Still Like Obama, But Approval Dips
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WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Nearly two-thirds of Jews still approve of President Obama's performance, but his approval numbers have dipped.

A Gallup Poll released last Friday of religious groups in the United States found that Muslims gave Obama the highest job approval rating, while Mormons gave him the lowest. Jews and those affiliated with other non-Christian religions gave Obama above-average ratings, as did those with no religious affiliation.

From January to July this year, Jews gave Obama a 61 percent approval rating, down from 66 percent from July to December 2009. Muslims gave the president a 78 percent approval rating during the first half of 2010, and Mormons a 24 percent rating.

The overall approval rating of 48 percent is down 15 points from the first half of 2009.

Obama received average job approval ratings from Catholics, and below-average ratings from Protestants.

Despite drops in the overall job approval rating from January 2009 to July 2010, Muslims have consistently given Obama the highest rating and Mormons the lowest. Jews’ approval ratings have remained above average.

The results are based on phone interviews with a random sampling of 276,123 adults with a 1 percent margin of error. Jews, Muslims and Mormons each made up about 2 percent of respondents. Jews accounted for 6,746 of the respondents, with a margin of error below 2 percent.

The interviews were conducted between January 2009 and July 2010 as part of Gallup Daily tracking.

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08/31/2010 - 06:38
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Its amazing to me that Jews cling so tightly to the democrat party, when the DNC is so hostile to israel. in the western world, all over Europe, anti-semitism is rampant on the political left. My message to jews is: FDR is dead. Let go of the FDR dream- democrats are utterly hostile to Israel. You will see Obama far and away pander to the Islamic world before Israel. I just don't understand why New York Jews like JStreet are so deep in the democrat party....they are such democrat puppets, they criticize strong jewish leaders like Eric Cantor simply because he has broken free of the FDR chains that has bound Jews to democrats for far too long. I'm hoping that Cantor will begin a new wave of Jewish revival that will open the American Jews eyes to the reality that the democrat party is home to vicious anti-semitism and encapsulates an enemy to Israel. Its in the DNC that you hear words like "zionism" which are used to mask anti-semitism. Democrats are a plague stain upon the earth. FDR is dead. He is a corpse. Let him go.

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