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Jewish Groups Ask Obama Not to Veto Settlements Resolution
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WASHINGTON (JTA) -- J Street and Americans for Peace Now called on President Obama to withhold a U.S. veto on a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement building.

In a policy statement posted Thursday on its website, J Street noted that for 40 years and across eight presidential administrations, the United States has called on Israel to stop building settlements

The resolution introduced this week in the Security Council condemns Israel's continued settlement building and calls on Israel and the Palestinians to move to final status negotiations.

"These are sentiments that we share and that we believe a majority of Jewish Americans and friends of Israel share," the statement said.

"Barring that, we urge the Obama administration to put forward quickly, and with strong international support, its own bold, proactive diplomatic initiative, including ideas for establishing borders and security arrangements," it said, adding that
"By asserting clear leadership in a serious effort to reach a two-state resolution of the conflict, the United States can likely defer immediate consideration of this new resolution by the Security Council."

The resolution has 120 co-sponsors, mostly Arab and non-aligned nations. It will likely be voted on in the Security Council next month. Since the U.S. is a permanent member of the Security Council, its veto would quash the measure.

The content of the resolution "is consistent with longstanding U.S. policy regarding settlements, and explicitly supports negotiations and the two-state solution," Americans for Peace Now said in a statement, adding that "The context (of the resolution) is Israel's dogmatic refusal to refrain from settlement activity that is destructive to peace and to Israel's future."

APN said that vetoing the resolution would conflict with four decades of U.S. policy.

"It would contribute to the dangerously naive view that Israeli settlement policies do no lasting harm to Israel," the group said. "And it would send a message to the world that the U.S. is not only acquiescing to Israel's actions, but is implicitly supporting them."

Former U.S. officials and policy writers in a letter sent Wednesday urged Obama to endorse the resolution.

A day earlier, a bipartisan slate of U.S. senators wrote to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton urging her to quash the resolution, which it suggests dictates terms for a settlement.blasting Israel's settlement policy and calling for a return to peace talks.

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.It is “dangerously naïve” to believe that the forces behind the UN anti-settlement resolution are opposed only to Jewish “settlers.” Settlers, more accurately, Jews living in the heart of the Jewish homeland, are simply the most immediate targets in a campaign to eventually end Israel as a Jewish state. It is “dangerously naïve” for the American Jewish community, and The Jewish Week, to continue to act as if the Arabs, and increasingly Moslem-influenced Europe, will limit their ambitions to Jewish communities beyond the “green line.” No one in the Arab-Islamic world accepts the existence of Jewish Israel. The Palestinian Authority and the PLO before it, have never accepted the existence of Jewish Israel. The non-aligned states are certainly not going to offend Arab oil and Arab oil money to support Jewish Israel. Across Europe, Moslem communities are growing rapidly and are gaining political power even more rapidly. Much of this power is being used to entrench Islam in Europe. A second major thrust of this power is to advance an anti-Israel agenda. Given the influence of Arab oil and Arab oil money, as well as endemic European anti-Semitism, the Islamic effort to turn Europe against Jewish Israel goes from strength to strength. Just as Israel had no peace for the twenty years before the settlements even existed, so too, eliminating the settlements will not bring Israel peace. Indeed, as the experience in Gaza shows (and Lebanon as well), Israeli surrenders only lead to greater levels of attacks against Israel. The real question is when will the Jewish Week, and much of its readership, garner the strength to escape the addictive fantasy of a two-state solution. A two-state solution was never the Arabs' goal. Almost forty years ago the Arab world declared its intention to eliminate Jewish Israel in stages. Mahmoud Abbas (and Yassir Arafat before him) pay lip service to the “peace” delusionists, but have consistently and unfailingly based their actual actions on perpetuating the strategy of stages. Thanks to the cumulative effects of Arab oil money and Moslem immigration to Europe, the Arab plan to eliminate Jewish Israel is far more credible today than it was when first stated decades ago.
Americans for Peace Now said, " ... [a veto of the resolution] would contribute to the dangerously naive view that Israeli settlement policies do no lasting harm to Israel". There isn't a country in the Western world in which Jews are PROHIBITED from settling. Why does APN insist that Jews SHOULD be prohibited from settling in Palestinian territories? Peace Now supports equal rights - but not for Jews.
I am shocked and disappointed that 2 Jewish groups support the resolution to stop Israeli settlement building which is now circulating in the UN. This resolution is sponsored mostly by Arab and non-aligned countries - Israel's ENEMIES. These Jewish groups are saying, in effect, 'We want the UN to DICTATE policies to the sovereign Jewish state over the wishes of their leaders.' One has to wonder about the motivations of Jews who side with enemies, against Israel's democratically elected government. This smacks of Stalinism. Leftist Jews have got to recognize that they are playing a dangerous game. Socialism is NOT Jewish. Socialism has failed in every country it has been tried. Why are supposedly enlightened, liberal Jews siding with Arab/Islamic nations who openly oppress women, homosexuals, Christians, Jews, and infidels? Criticism of Israel is legitimate, but J Street and Americans for Peace Now have a strange way of expressing dissent.
The Jewish Week continues to show it's left wing slant on news about Israel.
It is good to know where these two so called Jewish organizations stand when it comes to resolutions which bash Israel. Let us show these organizations where the average Jew stands the next time they show up to a synagogue or JCC to peddle their wares.

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