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Jewrotica Names 'Sexiest Rabbis Of 2013'
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A Women of The Wall activist, the founder of a queer yeshiva and the Orthodox leader of New York's Stanton Street Shul are among the 10 "Sexiest Rabbis of 2013" named by the website Jewrotica.

The site picked six men and four women, all but three U.S.-based, for the inaugural honor out of more than 150 nominees sent by  "students, congregants, community members and families all over the world," Jewrotica said.

Jewrotica founder Ayo Oppenheimer in October said she would change the title of the list to Hottest Rabbis in response to criticism about judging people by their appearance. She told the Times of Israel "We’re not at all looking at physical looks. It has nothing to do with measurements or six-packs. There is so much more than that that makes someone attractive.” 

But David Abitbol, one of the judges and an Israel-based contributor and webmaster for Jewrotica, said a name change was never seriously considered. “We were just taking the piss out of people who complained,” he said.

Abitbol, who is also a founder of the website Jewlicious, said in an phone interview Tuesday the list was “Unequivocally not about sexy as people conventionally understand the term. For us, it’s a euphemism for attractive, compelling and inspiring.”


The cross-denomonational list is not ranked, meaning that each person is considered equally sexy. The rabbis selected are:

Jewrotica also included 19 other rabbis for "People's Choice" voting online. Oppenheimer said in her introduction that the nominations "spanned age, gender, country, ethnicity, relationship status and denomination, with a roughly even number of rabbis nominated from each ‘stream of Judaism’ and an approximately 60-40 divide between male and female rabbis."

Rabbi Hammer, who is 44, married to musician Shoshana Jedwab, and the mother of a five-year-old daughter said she appreciated the "playful intent" of the list.

She told The Jewish Week she became aware that she had been nominated only the day before the winners were announced via a post on Facebook. Her nomination came from a student at Kohenet.

"I am surprised and of course flattered, but as a shy person I'm also embarassed," Rabbi Hammer said. 

She added that while she was uncomfortable with ranking people, "I appreciate the intent to start a conversation about what is erotic and spiritual, and the wide definition [of sexy] used by the [selection] committee."

Abitbol said the site would likely make the list an annual year-end feature. While he said it was “hard work” sorting through the nominations, the site’s staff “had fun doing it. We all learned something new from going through the research.”

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Your comment about what you think Sodom & Gemorrah was alone disqualifies you from being a legitimate arbiter about anything rabbinic.

Naftali was very much correct in his usage. And he is right that this a sad commentary on whoever published such a list.

I think Hashem is none too pleased with Jewrotica's founder, Miss Oppenheimer. Not only is her site in bad taste, but also, to conjoin the words, Jew and erotica, is an insult to the Torah. Such, is yet another Jewish dent in the proud armor of the Jewish People.

As a woman I do not find this article amusing. It demeans us and gives ammunition to our enemies. I read the article about the 10 erotic Jews in today's NY Post which led me to the website. I flipped through several articles and concluded that none of them are intellectually stimulating. I wonder if there is a Catholic or Protestant website as tasteless as this one?

Disgraceful. Irrelevant whether it compares to Sodom &'s unfortunately the inevitable result of the "progression"

Welcome to the World of Pew - keep in mind the people on the list and those that voted for them are not the "Jews Without Religion" because they actually know and like a "Rabbi"

David Wolpe is not on the list, so I might not read this article.

The next thing is to have a vote on who is the "Sexiest" person in the Bible or in the Talmud. Oy! It's totally ridiculous and adolescent like.

Each week we manage to sink lower.This has become theater of the absurd making
Sodom andGemorrah look slightly better.

Really Naftali? You're comparing attempted rape to a list that highlights inspiring Rabbis??

Progress marches on in its hobnailed boots. Rabbis used to be "rated" on their knowledge of Torah.

What do you think we based our ranking on? Knowledge of Torah was undeniably important. That having been said, this is all in effect an exercise in making fun of all the other lists. Of course the Rabbis chosen were exceptional, but I'd love to hear more about Rabbis that should have been chosen. My fave Rabbis include Rabbi Yonah Bookstein whose knowledge of Torah I greatly admire, Rabbi Ronnie Cahana whose Dvar Torahs are inspiring beyond words (he's practically quadriplegic and dictates every letter via eye movement) and Rabbi Cardozo whose Dvar Torahs are beyond. Just beyond. I urge you to look these people up online and by all means give us better suggestions for next year!

David, you're not being genuine in your response. While, I believe that you admire the Rabbis that you mentioned, I don't believe that you ever seriously considered a "practically quadriplegic" Rabbi. C'mon now, we all know that Torah learning has nothing to do with this irreverance.

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