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New Plan Keeps Kotel Plaza For 'Orthodox' Services, Moves Others To Platform
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In an attempt to soothe tensions at the Western Wall ahead of the High Holidays over the issue of women’s right to pray there collectively, the Israeli government has built a platform for services outside the main plaza, a move denounced as “exile” by the primary group that has been pushing for change at one of Judaism’s holiest sites.

The 450-person platform, according to a statement issued Sunday by Israeli government minister Naftali Bennett, would serve as a “primary place of worship for Jewish egalitarian and pluralistic prayer services.” The existing, iconic prayer plaza at the Wall will receive official recognition as a prayer site to be used solely for Orthodox services, the statement also said.

Women of the Wall, the civil rights group that has been agitating for two decades for women’s right to pray audibly collective at the main site, pointed out in its statement that the platform is in an area separated by a wall and out of view of the Western Wall.

“If this plan is accepted, the government will be excluding over 50% of the Jewish population to the ‘back of the bus,” the group said in its statement rejecting the plan and announcing a 24-hour sit-in at the Wall to protest the proposal.

The new plan was devised in consultation with leadership of the Reform and Conservative movements in the United States and with the offices of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky, who Netanyahu tapped earlier this year to come up with a solution to the problem.

Sharansky’s office responded by calling the prayer plaza “a temporary gesture of goodwill” that he hoped would create an atmosphere of trust as various constituencies work to find a permanent arrangement.

“The temporary platform unveiled today … is a gesture of food will, but it is, at best, a very small step forward in the implementation of the full plan for full Jewish equality at the Kotel,” the Reform movement said in its statement.; @thesimplechild

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There is no place for reform, conservative, progressive, pluralistic, and similar groups nor for the bra-burners anywhere remotely close to the kossel.

They are “not Judaism” as affirmed by Chief Rabbi Hertzog of Israel. May his memory be a blessing.

They are desperate for controversy. They do know they are wrong.
Don’t let them be accommodated anywhere remotely near the kossel as a distinct group, practising their form of avoda zora, idol worship- in their case, worship of themselves.

So, how many classes of Jews are there? 2, 3, 10, 100? Who writes the list? Does G-d know?

There just ain't pleasin' some people.

The Kotel has always been open to all Jews, Non-Jews, Chiloni, Dati, Reform, Masorti - but unfortunately WoW's agenda is not satisfied with compromises- as their efforts are not about prayer but they wish to use everything they can to manipulate the truth about the status of Judaism in Israel and the influence of those they label as Ultra-Orthodox fundamentalists. This sit-in is a deliberate effort to further their political agenda and the agenda of their financial backers including the New Israel Fund. They are portraying this as a Civil Rights issue instead of a religious one- but we all know that this about their efforts to remove Traditional Judaism from Israel- as their leader, Anat Hoffman stated publicly, WoW believes "That there is Orthodoxy and there is Normalcy- they both end in Y but they are not the same thing." Annat Hoffman will not stop at the Kotel, her publicly stated goal is to wrest the control of all religious institutions away from Traditional Jews to further her own political sensibilities, yet she shows no sensitivity or care for those who wish to maintain the status quo. Israel is facing so many threats from our outside enemies- we can not afford any more battles from within.

The Reform Movement and the Conservative Movement approved the Sharansky Plan as did many members of WOW. Anat Hoffman did not want the plan. As long as she can keep the pr going on this incident she will continue to keep the big bucks rolling in. As soon as the fighting ends and the problem is solved the cash cow is finished.

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