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Israel Reacts To Boys' Deaths

On Jerusalem's streets, residents speak of sadness, conflict, rage and concern for the future: 'There's no end to this.'

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Israelis rallied in Tel Aviv on Sunday, before they received news of the boys' death. Getty Images
Israelis rallied in Tel Aviv on Sunday, before they received news of the boys' death. Getty Images

Jerusalem – While many Israelis believed in their hearts that the three teens kidnapped more than two weeks ago would not be recovered alive, since no group had claimed responsibility or demanded the release of prisoners, when Israeli media reported their deaths at 8:30 p.m., it still came as a terrible shock.

In cafes and at home, there was an audible gasp when the Israeli media, constrained by the military censor, finally reported the news – which was already being reported by the foreign media stationed in Israel.

Many families were out and about on Monday night since the school year officially ended that day and it wasn’t a school night. From the looks on parents’ faces at a fast food restaurant on Emek Refaim Street in the capital, it was clear that they wanted to shelter their children from deaths but were having a hard time doing so.

Almost all of Israel’s school children knew of the kidnapping of Naftali Frankel, Gil-Ad Shaer and Eyal Yifrach. Many had prayed for the teens’ safe return or participated in activities supporting the soldiers searching night and day for them.

Minutes after the news broke people were trying to make sense of the tragedy. This being Israel, the discussions inevitably became political.

Watching the breaking news at Café Aroma in the German Colony neighborhood, Laine Katz said she was both “very sad about the boys’ death,” but also conflicted about it.

“I’m the mother of a soldier who has been searching for them. But at the same time I believe this kidnapping didn’t occur in a vacuum. I believe the occupation is wrong. That may sound cold, but that’s how I feel.” 

Moshe Fine, a self-described right wing Jerusalemite, said the Israeli government "must wipe out Hamas and every other terrorist organization that feeds on our children. If we don't, they will just steal more of our teenagers, both civilians and soldiers."

A young man named Yossi, who declined to provide his last name, predicted that the conflict will escalate due to the kidnapping and Israeli raids into the West Bank to find the teens.

“There’s no end to this. The pain one side is feeling won’t allow it to feel the other side’s pain, and until they feel each other’s pain, this cycle of violence will continue.”

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These 3 young men's lives represent all young Jewish people, Israel needs to do whatever they have to in order for peace to prevail.

As a mother and grandmother, facing the fact that a grandson is now preparing for his studies in Israel, I have a lot of thinking to do on this. On the one hand, I am horrified and my heart goes out to the families. On another, I worry about the prospect of my grandson, who, like any other teen, takes risks that make me frantic. And if you'll permit me a third hand, I have a very strong connection to our Holy Land and faith that whatever G'd decrees is for the best.
May our Creator guide the hands of our leadership in Israel, and may He show us a path that doesn't cost us precious lives and leads to lasting peace.

The quotes you chose to publish for the report of the breaking news of these horrific murders are an abomination and assault in themselves.

The Jweish Week disgraced itself with this breaking news report. (I do not beleive that the quotes portray a representative sample of Israelis' reaction to teh news.)

I am sick and tired of all these Arab animals . PLEASE ISRAEL do anything you think you should do to the murders of the three young boys

The terrorist murder of three teen boys is an unimaginable atrocity. I am saddened even more, though, that Jewish Week seemed to choose as "representative" three Israelis -- a right-winger, a left-winger, and a "cycle of violence" type -- apparently in pursuit of a left-tilting political agenda of "balance," instead of digging into the facts surrounding the atrocity. Terrorism is not relative; it has a definition. It is the purposeful use of violence and/or threat of violence against civilians to effect fear, so as to further one's agenda, be it political or religious or financial or what-have-you. That the "occupation" may or may not be wrong has ZERO relevance to the use of terrorism on Israelis. That U.S. foreign policy might or might not oppress Arabs here or Muslims there has ZERO relevance to the use of terrorism on Americans. Counter-terrorism, which can still be wrong-headed or disproportionate, is not terrorsim, and should never be equated with it. The deaths of Palestinians during the search for the kidnap victims may be regrettable, and may be wrongfui deaths, but they were not terrorism, should never be conflated with terrorism, and in context were likely caused in part by the very terrorism that killed the Israelis. Remember what is the agenda of the terrorists here. Jewish Week fell so short here, it is saddening beyond the atrocity.

I say we bomb Gaza till there ares no more Hamas people alive. They have started sending rockets again. we can't stand by and let them kill more young boys. An eye for an eye.

So utterly sad ....
Again three lives taken by terrorists.

Hamas, a murderer of innocents must be wiped out now!

"even-handed" comments are not acceptable! jews don't kidnap and murder arab children. arabs kidnap jewish children and left wing media tries to make excuses and justify these murders. these excuses have been going on too long!!

Once a leftie, always a leftie. The author can't help herself, can she? At a time when the whole country mourns the absurdity of this triple killing, she has to give voice to people who, obscenely enough, blame it on the occupation! In other words, their death is ok because of the occupation. Absolutely sick. Put another way, they died for nothing. So, yes, maybe the occupation is wrong: then it's time for annexation. That will give meaning to their death, which remain inexcusable any which way you look at it.

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