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Obama Administration: Egypt Events of "Deep Concern"
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WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Events in Egypt are of "deep concern," the Obama administration said, and its government should show restraint.

"Events unfolding in Egypt are of deep concern," P.J. Crowley, the state department spokesman, said Friday through the Twitter social network. "Fundamental rights must be respected, violence avoided and open communications allowed."

Video posted on the Internet has depicted indiscriminate Egyptian police violence against protesters, and authorities have shut down much Internet access.

Late Friday, Egypt called its military in to quell riots -- a rare occurrence in a country with a vast police force. Reports said two people were killed Friday.

In a statement she read live on Friday, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the U.S. secretary of state, urged Egypt's government to "engage immediately" with its people on political, economic and social reforms, and called on it to restrain its security forces.

"We support the universal human rights of the Egyptian people, including the right to freedom of speech, of association, and of assembly," she said. "We urge the Egyptian authorities to allow peaceful protests and to reverse the unprecedented steps it has taken to cut off communications."

Politico reported that the Obama administration called for a rare Saturday meeting of its "principles," high-ranking officials of the relevant agencies, to discuss Egypt.

It was the fourth day of clashes in Egypt, and riots have erupted in Jordan and Yemen as well. There have been protests in Lebanon and the Palestinian areas, and Syria has reportedly limited Internet access.

The clashes erupted after similar protests led to the downfall of the Tunisian dictatorship.

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Should Mubarak fall, the Moslem Brotherhood, which is undoubtedly stirring the pot of revolution, will eventually control the Egyptian government. This will accelerate Israel's decision to attempt to destroy Iran's nuclear capability. Israel will not accept two strong hostile powers bent on her annihilation -- Iran and Egypt under the control of radical Islam. Should Jordan also succumb to the Moslem Brotherhood, the pressure upon Israel to take decisive action will be all the more irresistible. Sooner rather than later she will be forced to use extra-conventional force, which includes but is not limited to atomic weapons. With a large number of the world's greatest scientists out of all proportion to her small population, one must expect that Israel has the capability to launch bacteriological attacks that would contaminate the Middle East's air and water. Israel will not permit a second Holocaust. She will act out the biblical tale, this time in macrocosm, of Samson taking down the temple. The U.S.'s backing of Egypt's "democratic revolt" reveals the stupidity of our leaders. This is exactly what Jimmy Carter did thirty years ago when he instigated the overthrow of the Shah to introduce "democracy" into Iran and thus opened the door to radical Islam. Remember also that Sadat, after making peace with Israel, was assassinated by the same forces that seek now to overthrow Mubarak. The hypocrisy of Obama is astounding. When young people in Iran tried to act against its radical Islamic government just months ago, they received not a word of encouragement from Obama. When Obama was asked days ago how he felt about China's tyrannical dictatorship, he declined to be critical. Yet when mobs work to overthrow Egypt's government -- which is friendly to the U.S. and is Israel's strongest Arab partner for stability in the Middle East -- U.S. media support the revolutionaries and Obama lectures Mubarak. Once again we hear the siren call of "democracy uber alles." Democracy in itself does not guarantee a peaceful nation. Bush's myopic faith in democracy led to the election of Hamas in Gaza. And was Hitler not democratically elected by the German people? We need to stop applauding the simple attainment of democracy, and ask instead what sort of people is attaining that democracy. Finally, one wonders afresh about Obama. Is he really so stupid and ill-informed as his reactions make him seem, or is something more sinister going on? Is he working, behind his velvet curtain, to revive the dream of Saladin -- Islamic hegemony over nation by nation until it rules the world?

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