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Memorial To Gay Shoah Victims Inaugurated In Tel Aviv Park
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A municipal-funded memorial to gay victims of the Holocaust, both Jews and non-Jews, was inaugurated on Tuesday in Tel Aviv’s Meir Park, according to Haaretz. It is the country’s first.

The memorial in front of a community center is the creation of attorney Eran Lev, an activist in the gay community who was a city councilman for Meretz. “It’s important to me that people understand that persecution of gay people was not the usual story of the Holocaust that we know from the final solution, and from the Wannsee Conference,” he told Haaretz. “This is a different story, more modest, but still an important one. It’s important that people in Israel know that the Nazis persecuted others as well, not because they were Jews, but because they were gay.”

The memorial consists of three triangles – the symbol of the gay community, Haaretz reported. On each a sentence is written in Hebrew, English and German: “In memory of those persecuted by the Nazi regime for their sexual orientation and gender identity.”

An inscription states that special steps were taken against gay people and that “according to Nazi ideology, homosexuality was considered harmful to ‘public health.’ The Gestapo had a special unit to fight 
homosexuals and the ‘Center for the Fighting of Homosexuality and Abortions’ kept a secret file on about 100,000 homosexuals.”

An estimated 15,000 gay people in the Third Reich were sent to concentration camps and more than half were murdered. 

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Honoring gay Holocaust survivors soley for their sexual orientation is blasphemous.
We shame those who perished because they were Jewish.The Holocaust was aimed at the Jews.To incorporate gays and other marginal groups into the Holocaust is another way of belittling the Jewish trajedy which it was.Gay shmutz has now been
honored by some very misguided people in Tel Aviv bending over to be politically correct.Perhaps we should also honor those who had ingrown-toenails or were behind in their payments?Let us subdivide the horror until the horror is toally diluted.Sick very sick.

The men were victims of the Nazis because of their sexual orientation and deserve their memorial.

The end.

The memorial to homosexuals is inappropriate, as it glorifies anti-Torah behavior.

It also misleads people into thinking that homosexuality is okay, which it clearly is not, as it is forbidden.

By glorifying homosexuality you are putting a stumbling block before the blind, and that is also something forbidden by the Torah, the sin of misleading people.

Naftali, I absolutely agree with you.
Unfortunately it has happened (the memorials) in other places in the world too.
I also as you do see it as a celebration of evil, by contradicting the Torah.
It is also a n insidious praise of the Nazis, may their memories be obliterated, because they too hated the Torah and committed acts which the Torah prohibits. Shame,
It also misleads countless Jewish souls turns them against Torah or even entices them into a toeva existence, has v sholom!

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