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The Last Jews Of Ethiopia
Israel to conclude Falash Mura aliyah by August.
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The remaining members of the Ethiopian Jewish community will make aliyah by the end of this summer, and the Jewish Agency educational compound in the northern part of the country that has prepared them for their new lives in Israel will be turned over this month to the Ethiopian government.

The compound in Gondar, which earlier was under the auspices of the North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry, “will not be needed beyond July,” said Misha Galperin, who heads the Jewish Agency’s department of international development. “That’s it. There’s no more.”

Galperin said representatives of Israel’s Interior Ministry are completing eligibility interviews with the last of some 2,000 Falash Mura, descendants of Ethiopian Jews who converted to the country’s dominant Christian religion a century ago. Several thousand Falash Mura, who returned in recent decades to the Jewish community and have sought to immigrate to Israel, are now part of Israel’s 120,000-member Ethiopian Jewish community.

As part of the end of the Jewish Agency’s “Completing the Journey” operation, which the quasi-governmental organization began two years ago to phase out the Gondar compound and the decades-long aliyah of Ethiopian Jewry, participants in two missions last week —coordinated by the Jewish Agency, and by the Jewish Federations of North America — traveled to Ethiopia to “see the final stages of the operation” and accompany some of the Falash Mura on their flights to Israel.

“People are celebrating what will be the end of an extraordinary chapter in Jewish history,” Galperin said.

The participants met the Falash Mura at the compound, which is administered in partnership with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, where the Ethiopian natives learn Hebrew, receive health screenings and take part in other activities that will prepare them to become Israeli citizens.

Some 7,000 Falash Mura are now in Jewish Agency absorption centers throughout Israel.

All the eligible Falash Mura will be in Israel by September, Galperin said, and the few still in Gondar after the compound closes will receive off-site assistance.

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The word ''none eligible Falash Mura'' deeply irritates me
I am one of the non eligible Falash Mura according to____, living in Ethiopia , Gondar. I have been dreaming for almost 25 years to go to the promise land, many of us sacrifice a lot for this calling , many left their land hoping the aliyah will be accomplished during their life time, some of them of course have got this wonderful calling, but, some of them seems that they may go to grave with this greatest dream. I may be among these people. Now we are neglected as ‘’non eligible Falash Mura’’ because we are Jewish by our father side, We are now neglected contrary to the promise of God to the Jewish people. Such a pity People like me here in Gondar are not considers as Jewish men by fellow Jewish men, despite still we are not free from segregation and separation as evil eye Jews by our neighbors.
Ungodly and Unacceptable Family Separation
Let me tell you one of the saddest story of mine; my father Kassa Damte is a Jewish by his mother side and he had 9 children born from non Jewish woman which is my step mother, as matter of chance when registration of the aliyah started I, ( Biyaylgn Kassa), the third son of my father, was 23 years old ( note that now I am 47 Years old) registered alone as independent person, because I was out of range of child hood at that time, so that I could have registered as independent person. The rest 8 brothers and sisters were registered under my father family, because they were kids and dependent of my father’s house. After some years the screening committee of the aliyah came from Israel and, they approved that my father to gather with his 8 children, who are under his house, become eligible falash Mura to go to the promise land. So that he (my father) and the family member who were dependent of his home registered and considered as eligible for aliyah, because he ( my father) is Jewish man by his mother side, but, sadly, the committee rejected me and see me as none Jewish because, I am Jewish only by father side, despite my father and his children are eligible to go to the promise land. For this reason I separated from my father house, (may be forever?) with deep sorrow and tearful emotion, Now I am living in Ethiopia , and my parents are In Israel , my father ,sisters and brothers are Jewish, but sadly, I am considered as alien , I have such very complicated story which is not understandable by others. Now I and my children exposed to mockers and historical enemies of Jewish people. I would say, in my case, death is better than by far than calling by name Jews in Ethiopia and seen as alien by my own people. Oh! my dear believe me, I am not crying for economical reason, as many people suspect, I am just leading a better life in Ethiopia, I am happy with my Job, family etc. I have never expect a piece of coin from families who are now living in Israel, because, relatively I am sufficient.
My cry is due to rejection of my divine Identity by fellow brothers, and separation from my dearest family. Now my father living in Israel. he is 84 years old, poor in health and hard to reintegrate with new Israelis generation , even he cannot operate ordinary mobile, he cannot even now the street in which he lives, It is hard to understand Hebrew Language etc.. so that he could not go to concerned government office to peruse my case. But he always cry when he hears my voice through telephone, my heart is also deeply broken when I heard his voice saying that I will go to grave losing my son.. Even my sisters and brother, who are leading independent life in Israel, lose their confidence to ask about me before concerned government offices except shouting in peaceful demonstration. Because they know that our mother is not Jew and according to the law of return they have no right to ask about me.
Now I nearly lose my hope to go to the promise land, though I believe that the promise of God is unchanged forever. I have neglected, but never forgotten by God.
Just contact me through e-mail
your word my comfort me thank you!
If you are in the enemy camp, please keep your hand and tongue, by obeying this you and your family may escape from the coming fairy anger of God.

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