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Researchers: Circumcision Comparable To Vaccination
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An Australian-American team of researchers recommended circumcising infant males to avoid diseases in a new study that compared the practice to vaccination.

The team, led by Brian Morris of the School of Medical Sciences at the University of Sydney, asserted in their newly published study that half of uncircumcised males will contract an adverse medical condition caused by their foreskin.

“As with vaccination, circumcision of newborn boys should be part of public health policies,” the three coauthors wrote in their study, whose main findings were published last week on the medical website

In 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a study suggesting that the procedure may protect heterosexual men from HIV and that the procedure’s health benefits outweighed the risks.

In response, dozens of European physicians — mostly from Scandinavia — wrote a letter alleging that “cultural bias” was behind the academy’s pro-circumcision stance.

Ritual circumcision of boys under 18 has come under attack in northern Europe in recent years, with several political parties and medical associations, mainly in Scandinavia, decrying it as a form of child abuse.

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04/11/2014 - 11:28
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Circumcision alters sex dramatically. The only person with the ethical standing to request amputations of healthy normal body parts is the rational informed patient. Proxy/parental consent is only valid when waiting for the patient's input would lead to harm and when less destructive options are exhausted.

Circumcision of children fails this test decidedly.

There's nothing new in this latest study, and the lead author isn't a urologist, pediatrician or even a medical doctor, but a biochemist.

Many national medical organizations continue to recommend against infant male circumcision.

The dozens of European physicians referred to in the article who published a rebuttal of the AAP's position statement did include several Scandinavians, but also physicians from France, the UK, Lithuania, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada, Estonia, Latvia, and Ireland. There were 38 physicians in total, about half of them presidents or chairs of national medical organizations.

Readers should be made aware of the Response by the American Academy of Pediatrics to the attack from anti-circ activist Morten Frisch and others in Europe. The Academy of Pediatrics circumcision task force correctly pointed out that the cultural bias in fact is in Europe, NOT the USA, given the diversity of circumcision practice in the USA. Please see their reply at:

Professor Frisch and 37 eminent European pediatricians, speaking for 22 pediatric associations, and for 17 countries from Iceland to Lithuania, have accurately pointed out the AAP's cultural bias towards circumcising. Those countries have "a bias against circumcision" the same way they have "a bias against parentally-elective infant toe amputation". They have no Task Forces on Leaving Boys' Genitals Alone.

The Task Force offers no rebuttal to Frisch et al.'s substantive case, based on the AAP's own policy, that the diseases circumcision reduces (if the studies the Task Force cites are to be relied on) are so rare, or of such late onset, or so readily prevented or treated, that circumcising infants to prevent them is a bad option compared to letting the child grow up to decide the fate of his own genitals.

It is ironic that Professor Morris calls Morten Frisch an "anti-circ activist". By his intemperate attack on Professor Frisch's study of the sexual ill-effects of circumcision, Professor Morris singlehandedly turned him into one. See

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