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Wiesenthal Center Opposes Ground Zero Mosque
As tolerance center opens, director says Islamic center should be built away from 9-11 site.
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The latest Jewish organization to weigh in on the Ground Zero mosque controversy is opposed to the project, siding with the Anti-Defamation League in what had been a lonely stand against the proposed $100 million Cordoba House on Park Place.

The executive director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance in Manhattan, Rabbi Meyer May said on Thursday it was insensitive to build the center near the site of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. “Religious freedom does not mean being insensitive...or an idiot,” May told Crain's New York Business, which reported the organization's position on Friday. “Religion is supposed to be beautiful. Why create pain in the name of religion?”

But May said the view of The Simon Wiesenthal Center is not necessarily that of the Museum of Tolerance. “We don't want to politicize the museum,” he told Crain's.

After the ADL announced its position last Friday that New York City would be better served if an alternate location for Cordoba House could be found, the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York came out wit statements supporting the center at its current location, if the sponsors -- the Cordoba Initiave and the American Society for Muslim Advancement -- denounce terrorism and provide an accounting of the center's funding.

The Wiesenthal Center has been accused of intolerance itself for building its Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance on land that was once a Muslim cemetery. Israeli courts have upheld the center's right to build there.

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Ground Zero Mosque, Simon Wiesenthal Center
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I support the Cordoba Center. In fact I don't see what the issue is, to generate such vehement protests. On the contrary, as an American I was terribly offended to see the Jews build a Holocaust Museum near the National Mall in DC. Let them build such places in Auschwitz, etc. What is particularly galling about the Holocaust Museum is that it is funded by taxpayers. And furthermore, little if any mention is made of the 5 million non-Jewish victims, the museum is all about the 6 million jews who died. And the denial of one or two Roma (gypsies) who want to join the museum's board is absolutely offensive. If there were to be one of these memorials to genocide built near the National Mall, it should have been built to honor the memory of the Native Americans slaughtered by whites, and/or the African-Americans enslaved and then discriminated against after slavery ended. This is American history, anything else is just a crass way to gin up more foreign aid to a racist rogue state terrorizing the mid-East...
Egypt KIDNAPS Christians The world is shamefully silent over the Egyptian government and Saudi Arabia involvement in the kidnapping of Christian Egyptian girls in Egypt. Does the uncaring, mainstream media not report this because telling the truth about Islam would make Islam look bad? Protecting Islam is considered more important by Western mainstream media and government leaders than protecting the lives of desperate, defenseless innocent children! Assyrian International News Agency 8-11-2009 Abduction and Forced Islamization of Christian Coptic Girls Continues in Egypt (AINA) — The systematic abduction and forced Islamization of Coptic minor girls in Egypt is a frequent, dangerous and a rapidly escalating phenomenon. Coptic Pope Shenouda III, December 17th, 1976: “there is pressure being practiced to convert Coptic girls to embrace Islam and marry them under terror to Muslim husbands” and demanded that the abducted girls be brought back to their families. Abductions are done in cooperation between Saudi-funded associations and the Egyptian State Security. …in the majority of cases, the State Security is the one who masterminds the kidnapping plans.” The U.S. gifts Egypt with 2.2 billion dollars every year. ‘He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.’ Bible, Exodus 21:16 Saudi authorities shred all Bibles found on anyone at the airport in Saudi Arabia. Bibles that contain the unchangeable laws of G-D.
Tolerance of other religions by Islam? In Islam's top religious cities of Mecca and Medina, churches, synagogues, and temples are NOT allowed to be built. Non-Muslims are FORBIDDEN entry into these cities. In sharp contrast, we are very tolerant in America. In New York City alone, there are hundreds of mosques and a HUGE mosque with a minaret on the upper east side of Manhattan. Tolerance for non-Muslims? In some majority Muslim countries, particularly Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt, severely persecuted non-Muslims live in daily FEAR. Young Hindu, Sikh and Christian girls are kidnapped, violently converted to Islam and raped/married to older Muslim males. In Egypt, the police cooperate in the abductions. Why is the mainstream media silent about the terrible suffering of non-Muslims? And why is global jihad victim, Israel, always viciously condemned for every necessary act of self-defense? G-D's requirement for ALL humanity is KINDNESS! Jewish Bible, Micah 6:8 And what does the L-RD require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your G-D.
A 9/11 Victory Mosque is the same as a Statue of Hitler at Auschwitz. By any code of ethics, only the leaders of a country defeated and conquered by Islam would agree to a victory mosque very close to the site where thousands of their people were massacred by followers of Islam. Instead of scandalously honoring Islam with a 9/11 Victory Mosque at sacred Ground Zero where our 3,000 American brothers and sisters suffered horrific deaths, we must have a war memorial that HONORS our cherished 3,000 victims and HONORS our cherished firemen and policemen - wonderful heroes who willingly and courageously gave up their lives seeking to save innocents. America shone that day through these heroes! We are very proud of our heroes! We love, and will remember our slaughtered 3,000 forever.
A couple of notes a) As devastating as 9/11 was, I think it's in bad taste to compare it to the holocaust. b) My taxes pay for firemen and policemen to jump in and rescue people. I'm not saying that to diminish their contributions, but isn't that their job? c) If we wanted to honor the people affected on that terrible day, maybe we could start by giving them healthcare instead of having to rely on Michael Moore (who took them to Cuba)
Cordoba House website claims they are aiming at "tolerance" just like in Cordoba Spain when they claim all three major religions lived peacefully together. Cordoba was conquered by Muslims. Christians and Jews had to pay a dhimmi tax and keep their mouths shut if they wanted to live. Everyone should read about the Martyrs of Cordoba! It makes one wonder about their definition of "tolerance". They even killed the children who professed Christianity in public.
Which century are you talking about? For that matter, when the Christians re-took Cordoba under Ferdinand and Isabella, they expelled all the Jews and Muslims and instituted the Inquisition -- an event which makes "1492" an infamous date in Jewish history. My point bieng, that we can all throw tragedies back and forth all day, or we can look for those rare times when there WAS tolerance and try to build upon them.
Between this and the ADL's opposition to the mosque, the sheer ugliness of the double standards are starting to become very apparent. Regarding the rabbi's comment, I wonder if he would feel the same for every synagogue or Holocaust memorial proposed and built on German lands since the end of WWII? I'm sure many here would agree that even if such a building brought "pain" to the antisemitic elements of the local German population, that in itself is not even close to any justification for opposing construction. There is no "pain" here, only hatred and xenophobia. Shame on the Wiesenthal Center and the ADL for not realizing as such.
If we don’t build the Cordoba House near Ground Zero, the terrorists win.

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