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Obama: 1967 Borders With Swaps Should Serve as Basis for Negotiations
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WASHINGTON (JTA) – President Obama said the future state of Palestine should be based on the pre-1967 border with mutually agreed land swaps with Israel.

In his address Thursday afternoon on U.S. policy in the Middle East, Obama told an audience at the State Department that the borders of a "sovereign, nonmilitarized" Palestinian state "should be based on 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps."

Negotiations should focus first on territory and security, and then the difficult issues of the status of Jerusalem and what to do about the rights of Palestinian refugees can be breached, Obama said.

"Recognizing that negotiations need to begin with the issues of territory and secuertiy does not mean it will be easy to come back to the table," Obama said, noting the new unity deal between Fatah and Hamas, a group foreswarn to Israel's destruction.

"How can one negotiate with a party that shows itself unwilling to recognize your right to exist?" Obama said. "Palestinians have to provide a credible answer to that question."

The U.S. president did not announce a specific initiative to bring Palestinians and Israelis back to the negotiating table.

The speech, which focused mostly on the Arab democracy movements in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and elsewhere in the Arab world, marked the first time Obama formally declared that the pre-Six Day War borders should form the basis of negotiations.

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Two points about Obama's speech:

1. He must realize, the 1949 armistice lines (dubbed 1967 boundaries) are simply a none starter for Arab Israeli peace. Even UN Security Council Resolution, 242, which was accepted by all parties, has been the basis for all peace talks and actual agreements does not suggest such future borders.

2. Obama should have addressed directly and forcefully the Muslim-Arab categorical refusal to accept Israel's right to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people on ANY parcel of land between the River and the Sea. This refusal has been the core of the conflict, yet Mr. Obama has refused to deal with it.

The Palestinians have learned to offer nothing and wait for the rewards of intransigence. Obama got 78% of our vote and will get a majority of our votes in 2012. There will be no consequences except for Israel.

The Palestinians have nothing to offer. We need to stop provoking them and recognize their ambitions for statehood. How can we expect them to recognize our right to exist if we don’t respect their rights to life liberty and pursuit of happiness?

Mike G., You should stop viewing the Palestinians (the world) as if they came to North America on the Mayflower and created the Constitution of the United States. You are making a logical error that intelligent grown-ups should know better not to make. The Palestinians do not have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Quote for me where it says that in the Palestinian Charter. If those rights are stated in their laws, then you have a point. If they are not, you are just inventing stuff that you think sounds good, but has no legal basis.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not include a nation largely composed of people who are pathologically anti-Jewish and to an increasng extent, anti-Enlightenment and anti-Western, as the West's toleration of diverse cultures is at stake.

Israel offered peace after all of its wars, recognition of Palestinian self-determination in 2000 as Mr.Clinton departed. The infitada was the result.

The Palestinians, the Brotherhood friendly Egyptians, the Shia of Iraq and Lebanon, the Syrians(including the demonstrators) and the Islamists about to seize Libya with Western support would stone Thomas Jefferson to death. The Mob does not regard Men of Reason and Tolerance with Respect or Deference. Mr. Obama will be the object of contempt by the mobs and by the Hamas lovers, as he panders them like a dutiful Chicago ward heeler.

You know, peace is not the ultimate object of life, as thousands of years of both Jewish and human history clearly demonstrate.

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