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Dutch Parliament Offers Compromise On Kosher Slaughter
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The Dutch Parliament has offered a compromise on a bill that would ban kosher slaughter.

Under the compromise hammered out Wednesday night, ritual slaughter will not be included in a bill that would ban the slaughter of animals in the Netherlands without first stunning them if it can be proved that the ritual method of slaughter does not cause additional suffering.

Under the laws of shechitah, or Jewish ritual slaughter, animals may not be rendered unconscious before slaughter. Muslim law has a similar proscription.

The compromise means that the Jewish and Muslim communities can "go and investigate what is possible instead of just telling them what they can’t do,” lawmaker Stientje van Veldhoven of the centrist D66 party said.

The Jewish community has rejected this line of reasoning, saying the ban and the new amendment demonstrate a lack of religious freedom for Dutch Jews. As many as 50,000 Jews and approximately 1 million Muslims are living in the Netherlands, according to reports.

The Dutch parliament will vote on the proposed ban, with the amendment, next week.

A controversial ban on kosher slaughter put in place by New Zealand's agriculture minister was partially reversed last November amid allegations that the decision was taken to appease Muslim countries that have lucrative trade relations with New Zealand. The ban on kosher slaughter of poultry was suspended; the ban on beef remains.

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The article makes it sound as though NZ banned shechita but not halal slaughter. This is misleading. NZ made pre-slaughter stunning compulsory. Muslims accepted the pre-slaughter stunning requirement. Jews did not.
The claim that NZ banned shechita in an attempt to curry favour in Muslim markets is laughable and I do wish you would remove the childish accusation. If you apply the the same logic to the Dutch moves to mandate stunning...are they also trying to curry favour with Muslims? Apparently not , because according to this article the Muslims are just as annoyed as the Jews.

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