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No Suprises In NY Primary Races; Felder Faces Storobin For Senate Seat
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Established political figures carried the day in Thursday's primary election, which featured some contentious races in heavily Orthodox areas of Brooklyn.

Simcha Felder easily won the Democrat nomination for a newly created state Senate seat, the 17th district, with a critical mass of Orthodox Jews in Flatbush and Borough Park. Felder, a former Councilman and currently deputy comptroller of New York, won 83 percent of the vote against Abraham Tischler, a building managment consultant from Borough Park.

Tischler's brother, Moshe, lost his bid to wrest the nomination for Assembly in Borough Park and Flatbush from veteran incumbent Dov Hikind, who won 85 percent of the vote, according to results late Thursday night.

The news was not as good for Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz, who represents Manhattan Beach and part of Brighton Beach and other shorefront areas. Cymbrowitz narrowly defeated Ben Akselrod, a political activist and nursing home manager born in the former Soviet Union. Cymbrowitz, who took office in 2000, won about 52 percent of the vote, with a margin that could be as low as 150 votes.

Steven Mostofsky won the Democrat nomination for Civil Court judge, beating Theresa Ciccotto and Charles Finkelstein.

Felder now faces Republican David Storobin in a battle for the "super-Jewish" Senate seat that is sure to be a heated one. Storobin narrowly won the Senate seat vacated by Carl Kruger earlier this year, but the district lines have since been radically redrawn.

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05/20/2014 - 14:20
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First and foremost, district 17 is not a "Super Jewish" Senate seat. Who in the State Senate, or in America labels political seat as Jewish, Muslim, or even Christian. It is never a good idea to have any political seat labeled or affiliated with a religion. Political leaders, or better yet ethical leaders, should represent all people equally. For political leaders that do otherwise, they are not political leaders, nor are they ethical leaders; they are simply biased individuals who lack the most fundamental understanding of what a public servant is. Therefore, Simha Felder is not the right type of candidate for a Senate seat. We can not have leaders who's decisions are biased, partisan for a certain group, race, or religion. Decisions that are made by our public figures should fairly represent all people who live within our community.
In the beginning, Simha Felder seemed to have what it takes, but after knowing that he is primarily labeling himself as a religious Jewish politician that will only support his people in Borough Park, he definable lost my vote.. Why would I vote for someone who can't represent me because I'm not Jewish? Moreover, I most defiantly am not a supporter of politicians that discriminate, make biased decisions, use propaganda against their own opponents to win an election, or try to cover up the facts are:
Where I'm from, actions speak louder than words, and Simcha Felder did a few other really nasty things I disagree with, which makes him look like an upright corrupt politician-
1. Increased our property tax (Just Google property tax increases Simch Felder)
2. Does not support School Vouchers
3. Keeps sending me letters about David Storobin saying that he is not Jewish and that he was born out of wedlock.. seriously?

As far as Jewish Law goes (
1. You are not allowed to speak badly of other people
2. You are not allowed to spread propaganda, this is what Hitler did, which lead to the destruction of more than 6 million Jews
3. Saying that you're opponent is not Jewish.. why are you lying to me!! what difference does it make if someone is Jewish, Muslim or Christian? It's about who can do a good job in the Senate, regardless of race, color or religion.
4. Why would I vote for you if you are wrongfully insulting another candidate and trying to run a dirty race? why don't you just go and debate with David Storobin? or better yet, apologize for spreading lies. What type of politician are you if you can't debate, and what type of person are you if you lie to me? do you think I'm stupid? do you really think that the people you represent are dumb? are you serious?

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