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Hamodia Column Cites Nazis In de Blasio Critique
Rips Democrat over support for Sandinistas in the 80s, amid concerns about Nicaraguan Jews.
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For the second time this election season, the Nazis have made an appearance in New York's mayoral race.

Citing Bill de Blasio's now well-known travels in Nicaragua and his expressed support for its repressive Sandinista government in the late 1980s, a columnist for the Orthodox newspaper Hamodia's web site lamented that he appears likely to be New York's next mayor, evoking support for the Third Reich to make his point.

"Imagine if an unrepentant Nazi Party sympathizer would be running for mayor of New York," asked Dovid Margolin in the column published Wednesday. "

A product of the ideology that destroyed 25 million people within reach of City Hall would be unthinkable.  Yet Bill de Blasio, a Marxist who has never repudiated those beliefs, will very likely be this city’s next mayor."

Margolin cited evidence as early as 1983, five years before de Blasio visited the Central American country, that Jews living under the Sandinistas were being persecuted and were fleeing the country.

Margolin, 27, a member of the Crown Heights chasidic community who usually reports news for Hamodia, told The Jewish Week Thursday afternoon he stood by the column, after several publications reported on it.

"I don't think it was anything provocative," he said in a phone interview. "People jumped on a few words wthout reading the whole article. I never compared de Blasio to a Nazi sympathizer. All I did was compare being a follower of one murderous ideology with being a follower of another.'

Margolin, who said he plans to vote for Republican Joseph Lhota next month but is not involved in his campaign in any way,  said he believed there is a double standard in public reaction to support for Marxism as opposed to those who support Nazism. "Marxism has killed more people," he said.

In a later email, Margolin added "My parents are from the Soviet Union, and both of my father's grandfathers were arrested and murdered by Stalin in the late 1930s, their bodies thrown into mass graves. ... Therefore I did not learn about the horrors of Communism just from history books, but from my family's experience."

De Blasio's campaign spokesman, Dan Levitan, did not respond to a call and email seeking comment.

Back in July, former congressman Anthony Weiner caused a stir after a speech at a Queens church regarding the NYPD's stop-and-frisk practices, taking on the argument that reduction in crime justified the practice. " Well, you can have a 100 percent statistical reduction in crime if you stop everybody. You could have 1938 Germany, because everyone has to show their papers," Weiner said.


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Mr. Margolin has said nothing new here, he simply stated facts. De BLasio supports a regime that is responsible for oppression and tyranny with an ideology that has killed more than the Nazis. De BLasio himself has never denied this. Factually, there is nothing wrong with the comparison. The Nazis killed millions, and so did communists, I don't see what the backlash is. You have a Nazi sympathizer that is ok with what the Nazis did( killed 25 million people ), and you have a mehandoros sympathizer, with that ideology killing 100 million. Lets stop being dramatic, their both terrible in their own right, and De Blasio is very comfortable with these types of people. He is no doubt the next Satan for our beloved city.

Though I Don't favor his policies, DiBlasio should be evaluated on the basis of his treatment of Jews and Jewish institutions since he entered politics and not based on some attenuated supposition. Such news reports as that published in Hamodia do not serve the Jewish community well, the reporter's view notwithstanding.

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