All In The Family At NewFilmmakers Series

From Brooklyn to Tel Aviv to Eastern Europe, the blood ties that bind.
02/16/2013 - 19:00
Special to the Jewish Week

It is billed, accurately, as a showcase for Jewish and Israeli films and directors, but the all-consuming power of family could just as easily be the theme of this month’s NewFilmmakers program at Anthology Film Archives. From Carroll Gardens to Borough Park as well as Tel Aviv and unnamed places in Eastern Europe, the films on display on Feb. 20 are all about the two-edged sword of blood ties; but their approaches to the subject are varied. With no disrespect to Count Tolstoy, even happy families are not all alike, so films about them won’t be either. all different, so films about them will be, too.

Luzer Twersky in Pearl Gluck's "Where Is Joel Baum?" Timur Civan
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