New York Musical Theatre Festival

Now You See Her…

For a Jewish magician in Jazz Age New York, a trick goes awry.

Special to the Jewish Week

Is the border between life and death more permeable than we imagine? In Patrick Emile’s new musical, “As We Lie Still,” a Jewish magician in Jazz Age New York performs a shocking, mind-bending trick every night on stage — until the fateful night when the trick fails, and his life and career are changed forever. “As We Lie Still” premieres July 14 at the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) in Midtown.

Magic touch? Scene from Patrick Emile's new musical, "As We Lie Still." Courtesy of Patrick Emile

Unleashing The Atomic Era

New rock musical focuses on moral dilemma of Hungarian Jewish scientist who invented the nuclear chain reaction.

Special To The Jewish Week

Once unleashed, some genies are almost impossible to put back in their bottles. The unsung Hungarian Jewish genius Leó Szilárd invented the nuclear chain reaction, patented the idea of a nuclear reactor and convinced Albert Einstein to endorse the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb — only to campaign unsuccessfully for it not to be dropped on Japan.

Scene from “Atomic,” which features a huge “cube matrix” metal tower meant to suggest the periodic table. Carol Rosegg

Magic As Social Currency

A pudgy Jewish kid looks for attention in the musical ‘Gary Goldfarb, Master Escapist.’

Special To The Jewish Week

With its aura of invulnerability and air of showmanship, magic has been a powerful draw for Jewish performers. Indeed, from Harry Houdini to David Copperfield, Jews have been over-represented as conjurers and illusionists. Now comes “Gary Goldfarb, Master Escapist,” a new musical by Omri Schein (book and lyrics) and James Olmstead (music) about a suburban Jewish boy who dabbles in magic in order to boost his social standing. It opens) next week at the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF), which is now in its 10th year.

The cast of Omri Schein’s “Gary Goldfarb, Master Escapist." Photo courtesy NY Musical Theatre Festival

Love And Marriage, Song And Dance

From speed dating to weddings, three New York Musical Theater Festival productions give a 21st-century Jewish spin on romance.

Special To The Jewish Week

From the rival lovers in “Oklahoma” to the interracial relationships in “South Pacific,” romance has always been a major theme of the Broadway musical. Now come three new productions in the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) that give a 21st-century Jewish spin to themes of love and sex.

The cast of “My History of Marriage.”
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