Netanel Hershtik

Netanel Hershtik’s ‘Mission’

The 14th-generation cantor brings the golden age of classical hazanut to Eldridge Street.
Special to the Jewish Week

When he talks about Jewish music, Netanel Hershtik uses a word that one doesn’t usually hear from a musician preparing for an upcoming concert: mission. .

Given that he is a 14th-generation cantor — no, that is not a typo; his family can trace its history of hazanut back that far — the idea of singing Jewish music as a “mission” may not seem incongruous, but the intensity with which he speaks of it informs you instantly that Hershtik is not merely paying lip service. He firmly believes in it.

“We wanted to present a picture of the whole cantorial tradition,” says Cantor Natanel Hershtik.
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