Nazi-looted art

German Panel Says Nazi-Looted Painting Should Go To Jewish Heirs

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Art experts have determined that another painting from the art collection of the late Cornelius Gurlitt should be returned to the descendants of its previous Jewish owner.

German Collector Of Art Stash Says He’ll Return Some Works


A Nazi-looted Matisse painting reportedly will be returned to the heirs of a Paris art dealer by the German man who stashed it in his apartment for decades.

France To Return Nazi-Looted Art As ‘Monuments Men’ Hits French Screens

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Ahead of the French premier of a Hollywood film on art looted by Nazi Germany, France has announced the restitution of three precious paintings.

Hoarder Of Nazi-looted Art Says He Wants It Back

Gurlitt says he 'only wanted to live with my paintings.'

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BERLIN — Cornelius Gurlitt said he is the legal owner of the 1,400 works of Nazi-looted art found in his Munich apartment and he will fight for them.

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