National Security Council

Final Iran Deal Could Include Enrichment, White House Says


WASHINGTON — A final deal with Iran on its nuclear program could include a capacity for uranium enrichment, the White House said.

Power's Interventionism Gets Mixed Reviews In Pro-Israel Crowd

Samantha Power brings to foreign policy an activist impulse that many in the pro-Israel community wish was more prevalent among American diplomats.

Except Power, a former White House National Security Council staffer nominated this week by President Obama to represent the United States at the United Nations, also has directed her interventionist inclinations at Israel.

Ex-Mossad Chief: US-Israel Cooperation 'Never Better'

Military, intelligence and security cooperation between Israel and the United States has never been as strong as it is today, Ephriam Halevy, the former Mossad director, told a meeting of Israel Policy Forum in New York on Monday.

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