National Jewish Outreach Program

South African ‘Shabbat Project’ Comes To U.S.

Successful outreach program finds support here in Orthodox circles, less in non-Orthodox community.

Staff Writer

Riverdale resident Janie Lerner is looking for some Shabbos candles.

A special-education-teacher-turned-health-and-pets writer who was raised in a Conservative home but is now unaffiliated, she said she plans to start lighting Shabbos candles again next week.

Community Havdalah last year in Johannesburg.

Let My People… Sing Satires

Passover Soundtrack

Special to the Jewish Week

Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers? Maybe it’s all those Jewish boys-turned-rappers showing up on YouTube, dressed in matching attire, grinning incessantly, singing Pesach lyrics to the tune of hip, popular songs.

Boy bands battle it out on YouTube: Members of Kol Ish, top, and Six13, above.
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